New LEGO Minecraft Kits!

Created by MDKGraphicsEngine - Licensed to LEGO System A/S

These mini LEGO Minecraft sets from a few years ago were pretty cool. But they've got nothing over these new LEGO Minecraft kits coming this November! Yup. That's right. Just in time for Christmas. :D ... Continue Reading

Making a Case for Books [Video]

Making a Case for Books Screencap

Making a Case for Books is a beautiful stop motion video short (7min) of four bookcases being made in a workshop (get the play on words?). The video is a sort of double whammy, as the video is a great piece of stop motion and an interesting video of bookshelves being built. Enjoy! ... Continue Reading

How-To Build an Awesome Minecraft Church [Tutorials]

How to build a Minecraft church 21

After seeing these awesome Minecraft churches, I had plenty of inspiration to build one of my own. :D However, building awesome structures in Minecraft is not always as easy as it looks. So, I dug up a couple of solid tutorials and thought I would share them with you. The first is image based and is a little hard to follow, but if you're really good with building in Minecraft, you'll probably manage. The second tutorial is a video based and much easier to follow along. ... Continue Reading

LEGO Tower Reaches New World Record

Hungary LEGO Tower

First, it was the LEGO tower built in Chile back in 2008. Then, in 2011, Brazil topped the tallest LEGO tower at 102.33 feet — only ten inches taller than the one built in Chile. But world records were meant to be broken, and that's exactly what the LEGO tower in South Korea did when this tower broke Brazil's record by five feet in 2012. History repeats itself. ... Continue Reading

Office Schmoffice: Calling All Creative Church Offices


What does your office space look like? I'm guessing it looks like the typical office space of most churches and office buildings out there.  You are in a room with a desk and, if you're lucky, a window.  There are buzzing fluorescent lights above your head and a bookshelf with books rarely read.  Perhaps you have a chair or two in case someone comes in to have a brief meeting. For the most part, all offices are the same, but what if they didn't have to be?  What if your office space could be ... Continue Reading

Marvel HQ Buildings [Infographics]

Marvel Logo

So, you surfing the net when you should be working? Well let me help your ADHD for the next 20 minutes with these AWESOME Marvel Headquarter buildings. Seriously though, my 16-year old self would have a hay day with this! Enjoy... ... Continue Reading

A Beautiful Secret: The Heart Shaped Acres


This has got to be one of the sweetest stories I've ever heard. Winston and Janet Howe were married for 33 years while they lived in the UK countryside. Tragically, Janet died of heart failure. In dealing with his lose, Winston planted several thousand oak trees on their six-acre property. That was 17-years ago, and this is what it looks like today — from the air: ... Continue Reading

Build (LEGOs) with Chrome [Video]

If you are between the ages of 20 and 55, you probably have some kind of memories with LEGOs. For some like myself, that was the majority of your pre-teen years, making cities, castles, and sci-fi scenarios. I do not discredit those under 20 with playing with LEGOs, but the invention of Minecraft probably had a bigger impact for their lives with construction and imagination. Google has decided to digitize this LEGO experience for builders within their Chrome browser with ... Continue Reading