30 Tips for Church Stage Designs

30 Great Stage Idea - Image

The new e-book from Jonathan Malm, Set the Stage, is chocked full of philosophy and ideas for improving your church stage designs. Sprinkled throughout, are quick tips from some of the top stage designers out there. Check out the full collection here, then check out Set the Stage, to get even more help taking your stage designs from mediocre to great: ... Continue Reading

‘Set the Stage: A Manifesto for Church Stage Design’ by Jonathan Malm [Saturday Morning Review]

Set the Stage - SMR

Jonathan Malm is not only the curator and creator of Sunday Magazine, Mopho.to, and Church Stage Designs Ideas, but also a prolific author—titles include Developing a Series, Rethinking Your Church Website Strategy,  Created for More, Unwelcome—and has just released a new book, Set the Stage: A Manifesto for Church Stage Design. If you have anything to do with your church stage design—or know someone who is—you've got to check this out! ... Continue Reading

Refold: Portable Cardboard Standing Desk


Started as a Kickstarter campaign, the Refold is a portable cardboard standing desk. While in concept it's pretty cool as a portable office—it would also be really handy for churches! VBS kiosk sign-up, child ministry sign-up station, activities done off-campus, or any other church activities and events you can think of. Check it out: ... Continue Reading

Developing a Child’s Creativity Through Church Playgrounds

Developing a Child's Creativity through Church Playgrounds 1

Play time is a crucial part of children development. A child's environment and leisure time can help shape their social and cognitive development. Depending on the playground, structured or unstructured, they also play an important role in physical strength and balance. The right equipment and playground design offer your child the best way to grow and develop essential skills. Choosing the right leisure space for your kid entails knowing how it can affect their overall growth. Whether it would ... Continue Reading

New LEGO Minecraft Kits!

Created by MDKGraphicsEngine - Licensed to LEGO System A/S

These mini LEGO Minecraft sets from a few years ago were pretty cool. But they've got nothing over these new LEGO Minecraft kits coming this November! Yup. That's right. Just in time for Christmas. :D ... Continue Reading

Making a Case for Books [Video]

Making a Case for Books Screencap

Making a Case for Books is a beautiful stop motion video short (7min) of four bookcases being made in a workshop (get the play on words?). The video is a sort of double whammy, as the video is a great piece of stop motion and an interesting video of bookshelves being built. Enjoy! ... Continue Reading

How-To Build an Awesome Minecraft Church [Tutorials]

How to build a Minecraft church 21

After seeing these awesome Minecraft churches, I had plenty of inspiration to build one of my own. :D However, building awesome structures in Minecraft is not always as easy as it looks. So, I dug up a couple of solid tutorials and thought I would share them with you. The first is image based and is a little hard to follow, but if you're really good with building in Minecraft, you'll probably manage. The second tutorial is a video based and much easier to follow along. ... Continue Reading

LEGO Tower Reaches New World Record

Hungary LEGO Tower

First, it was the LEGO tower built in Chile back in 2008. Then, in 2011, Brazil topped the tallest LEGO tower at 102.33 feet — only ten inches taller than the one built in Chile. But world records were meant to be broken, and that's exactly what the LEGO tower in South Korea did when this tower broke Brazil's record by five feet in 2012. History repeats itself. ... Continue Reading

Office Schmoffice: Calling All Creative Church Offices


What does your office space look like? I'm guessing it looks like the typical office space of most churches and office buildings out there.  You are in a room with a desk and, if you're lucky, a window.  There are buzzing fluorescent lights above your head and a bookshelf with books rarely read.  Perhaps you have a chair or two in case someone comes in to have a brief meeting. For the most part, all offices are the same, but what if they didn't have to be?  What if your office space could be ... Continue Reading