Creative Inspiration from Jim LePage

Jim LePage 4

Jim LePage 4

Jim LePage is an artist and designer originally from Minnesota and currently residing in Bellingham, WA. During the day he works as a Senior Designer at Logos Bible Software. On nights and weekends, he does awesome stuff like this:

Jim LePage 3

Jim LePage 2

Jim LePage 1

If you’re interested in having any of these prints for yourself, simply click on the image.

You can see more of Jim’s work here and on his website.


Eric Dye

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  1. Jose Nunez says

    I really enjoy Jims art, they have a great representation of the book or character its about. I really enjoy the David in Goliath poster.

  2. Jonathan Ober says

    I was looking at these and though good stuff…then I started reading some of the descriptions of the art and was like…pompous artist such as the following:

    You may wonder “Jim, what makes you qualified to proclaim holier-than-thou judgements on Biblical characters?” Let me tell you. I’m a graphic designer from Minnesota who makes Bible designs, so yeah, I’m pretty much the mouthpiece of the Lord.

    If you’re female and grew up in the church at all, chances are you’ve heard 1 Timothy 2:11. Paul states “A woman must quietly receive instruction with entire submissiveness.” Not real surprising he stayed single, huh? — using the WTF with the symbol made me wonder some to.

    While the art is good. I can’t help but feel like it’s somewhat misguided or has an air of self gratitude and arrogance in it.

    • says

      Thanks for the comment, Jonathan. What you refer to as “pompous, misguided and an air of self gratitude and arrogance” is actually humor and sarcasm. I know not everyone appreciates or like the same type of humor and sarcasm, but I assure you I have nothing but respect for the Bible. I have a post that may help clarify that.

      As for the 1 Timothy one, if that was jarring or offensive, good. That was the intent. The use of “WTF” is not even close to being as offensive as an archaic misogynistic view of women in leadership that is prevalent in many churches today.

      • Jonathan Ober says

        Thank you for being more insightful in your response than Eric was. I simply meant that when reading some of the descriptions it came off seeming like you were full of yourself, the internet loses some of the affects of sarcasm and a lot can be lost in translation. Thank you for pointing me to your word study article and the realizing that clarification on your intent is what I needed.

        It’s a shame that churches have issues with woman in leadership. I however come from a church with a strong focus on woman ministries and woman doing more than cooking and taking care of the kids. Our church has always held woman in high regard whether it was the pastor’s wife or missionaries or those leading through children’s ministries, bible studies, etc. I guess the ‘WTF’ get’s me just because so many of our students use these terms and we all know the bad words that are within the statement. I guess I find it harder to embrace the reality of cursing and find that cursing is the most offensive thing in the world that more and more Christians seem to be ok with using.

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