Countdown to Christmas with an Online Advent Calendar!

Online Advent Calendar

If you’re a regular ChurchMag reader, you might remember that last year I introduced you to my Christmas information siteChristmas Karaoke site and my site where you can watch it snow on your computer!

Well this year I’m back with some more online Christmas goodies for you!

First up is the Online Advent Calendar which I run on – my Christmas information site. The Advent Calendar has been going for as long as the site (12 years this year!). However, this year it’s got a brand new look and is more funky and fun than ever!

So every day from the 1st December, you can countdown to Christmas by opening a door to find out something about Christmas. The Advent Calendar is also mobile/tablet friendly and although it looks ‘Flash’ it’s not made with in! (Watch on ChurchMag in a future post to find out how I made it.)

So if you’re a kid of any age, go on, visit the Why Christmas Online Advent Calendar – you know you want to!


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