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The Humble Frozenbyte Bundle. Ever heard of it?

This is how it works: You pay what you want.

Normally, a bundle of games like this would cost you around $50, but the Humble Frozenbyte Bundle lets you set the price!

Now, don’t think you’re going to get away with paying close to nothing (even though many will). You see, the Humble Frozenbyte Bundle isn’t just a DRM free bundle of games that can be downloaded and installed as many times as you like, but can also be redeemed through Steam, OnLive and Desura. Not only that, but this bundle is about supporting charity.

You get to decide how to divide how the price, that you choose, is divided:

  • Game Developers
  • Foundations
  • Or, Frozenbyte

Awesome, right!?!

Plus, all the games work great on Mac, Windows, and Linux!

They have a real-time update of how much money has been raised and the average donation by platform. The average is only around $5 (at the time I wrote this post), while the three OS’s broke down as such:

  • Windows: $4.12
  • Mac: $6.26
  • Linux: $12.05

I find it sad that a bundle worth $50 is averaging so low, but a lot of money has been raised (almost $175,000).

How cool would it be if a group of Christian game developers created some sweet games that could be packaged in this same manner?

Very cool concept.

Love it.

Get it.

[via @jaycaruso‘s tweet]


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  1. says

    Very cool concept for sure. The key would be to develop good Christian games, which usually seems to be the challenge and for the developers to be paid enough to keep doing it. If we really want the content, we’ll have to pay a decent price to get things started. I would love to be a part of something like that.

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