3 Minimal Web UI Element Kits

Web UI

If you like clean lines and minimal design, you'll like these three minimal web UI element kits. These kinds of resources can save time and even provide some inspiration for your next web design project. Check these out: ... Continue Reading

Learnable: Inexpensive Open Source Training


The ideas behind the Open Source Software (OSS), and more recently Free License Open Source Software (FLOSS) movements has always been about providing great tools at little to no cost. However, in recent years open source technology has become increasingly complex. In my opinion, that means the real return on investment comes in learning these tools. That's where Learnable comes in. ... Continue Reading

Kids Ruby – Not Just for Kids


I've been asked a number of times regarding how to start learning code. If you grab a book at the library or order one online, more than likely you'll be overwhelmed and give-up in matter of no time. Usually these books are designed for the serious programmer, not newbies, weekend programmers or the self taught (unless you have a good deal of knowledge with other programming languages). If you're interested in learning Ruby, this might be just the resource for you! It's aimed at kids, like ... Continue Reading

Ruby on Rails 3.1 & The Evolution of Computer Languages


The latest release of Ruby on Rails contain some really nice tweaks. Streaming Reversible Migrations Assets Pipeline jQuery as the default JavaScript library Remember, if you're upgrading an existing app, be sure to run some solid test coverage before moving over to 3.1. Also, Rails 3.1 reqires Ruby 1.8.1 or higher (and is compatible with Ruby 1.9.2). ... Continue Reading