Yearly Summary Stats WordPress Plugin

Here's a neat plugin that'll allow you to see very quickly some stats as it relates to your blog, like how many posts you wrote in 2010, how many pages, attachments, as well as the breakdown per month. Easy. Install and take a look. What did your 2010 blogging year look like? ... Continue Reading

Neat WordPress Plugin for Sharing Specific Pieces of Content


Someone passed me this link this morning and I thought it would be worth sharing with the community here. Essentially what Highlighter does is gives your readers the ability to interact with your content to one more degree, providing some interactivity like sharing, emailing, as well as commenting right in-line with the content. Not sure how this works? Check out the following overview video: ... Continue Reading

Basic Split-Test Headline WordPress Plugin

As we get bigger and bigger we're going to spend more time analyzing our content effectiveness for the sake of our readers and Google (of course). Large news syndicates use headline split-testing all the time, and if you're not familiar with that it's essentially trying two (or more) headline or post titles to see which one is more effective at garnering traffic. It can now be done simply with a WordPress plugin if you use WordPress. Pretty slick if you ask me. ... Continue Reading

SlideNote: Slickest jQuery WordPress Plugin Ever

Our very own @Tom wrote a slick jQuery plugin for WordPress that you've probably seen implemented on more than some of the top websites out there. You have to check it out. We're considering using it here throughout the 8BIT Network and it'll be slick. Just scroll down the demo and see it pop out - magic! And then dream of how you might use it for awesomeness. ... Continue Reading

Launching an Internet Campus On A Shoestring Budget


Yes, it can be done. However, there are a few disclaimers: The first is that just because there is a low-entry cost, doesn't mean that there are no recurring costs. And when you add the growth factor, you also add the zeroes, if you know what I mean. The second is that when you launch a project on a shoestring budget, you have to make sure that your expectations of excellence are realistic for your investment. Think about it like this, can you really become a millionaire when you buy a ... Continue Reading

Use jQuery SlideNote for Sliding Notifications


jQuery is arguably the web's most popular JavaScript library. One of the biggest advantages of the library and its community the sheer number of plugins that are available for it. I was recently talking to the team on the back channel about having a slick way of engaging visitors and readers via notifications, and Tom obliged. The result? A wickedly-cool sliding notification that we're going to find a use for across our properties. Check it out: ... Continue Reading