The WordPress Plugin Boilerplate

WP Plugin Boilerplate Screen

If you're interesting in building your own WordPress plugin and would love a great place to start, look no further. The WordPress Plugin Boilerplate is the best place to start when developing WordPress plugins. From the most basic of functions, to the most dynamic, this boilerplate has been growing and evolving for several years, now. I've seen (and used) this boilerplate before it had a notable version number and was poked away on Github. The WordPress Plugin Boilerplate has come a long way, ... Continue Reading

Adding Social Network Widgets to Your Website

8-bit matrix

Connecting your website (personal, church, ministry, non-profit or business) to social networks is a great way to boost your web traffic and build a bridge between your website and deep networks of connections. It's like building exits to your website off the superhighway's of social media. It's essential. So, as I began to work on a new website for a client of mine, I wanted to make sure I was getting the most out of the connections with Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Since Jetpack was ... Continue Reading

How-To Add Modal Magic to Boostrapped Websites

Screenshot Subscribe

I was working on a client website this past weekend, when I wanted to add a MailChimp newsletter sign-up along with the usual Facebook, Twitter and Google+ action buttons. After not finding exactly what I wanted on the MailChimp website, I decided I would venture out into something new: I would add a modal! In a very basic and untechnical definition, a modal is one of those cool pop-up boxes that you see around the web, it uses Javascript and can really add a sweet element of ease to your ... Continue Reading

slabText – A jQuery Plugin for Awesome Responsive Headlines

Slabtext Tab

The tools and plugins made available for responsive web design is only getting better with time. This jQuery plugin focuses on headlines and does a beautiful job of keeping everything in its place. In fact, even if you're using it without responsive design in mind, it's pretty awesome. How many times does your blog post or page title lop-over to the next line? Annoying, I know. Not the case with slabText: ... Continue Reading

Data Visualization Code at its Best!


Visually displaying data can be the best way to convey a message and make your point. That's why infographics are so great! But what if the data wasn't locked in? What if the data was visually displayed using some sweet JavaScript? Yeah. Now we're talkin'! Here's an excellent directory of such tools: ... Continue Reading

jQuery ProQuo

jQuery ProQuo

Yes, please! I love the concept behind jQuery ProQuo. In it's current state, it would work well for static pages, you could probably tie it in for some other nifty stuff too, but please, oh please, will someone turn jQuery ProQuo into a WordPress plugin! Check this out: ... Continue Reading

jQuery & WordPress “Camera” Slideshow by Pixedelic

Camera Slideshow Thumb

I'm always on the lookout for solid slideshows and Camera by Pixedelic is. Plus, it comes in two different forms. You can use the straight jQuery version or go the easy route with the WordPress plugin. Both bustin' with sweet options and good looks. Camera slideshow is an open source project based on Diapo, and has some really nice touches. ... Continue Reading