WordPress Cheat Sheet

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For you Wordpress developers out there, do you find yourself constantly Googling those commonly used Wordpress functions? Are you in charge of your church's website and you need access to those confusing little bits of code that do things? Need to immediately know how to insert Page Based Navigation? How about showing your site description? ... Continue Reading

How-To Add Modal Magic to Boostrapped Websites

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I was working on a client website this past weekend, when I wanted to add a MailChimp newsletter sign-up along with the usual Facebook, Twitter and Google+ action buttons. After not finding exactly what I wanted on the MailChimp website, I decided I would venture out into something new: I would add a modal! In a very basic and untechnical definition, a modal is one of those cool pop-up boxes that you see around the web, it uses Javascript and can really add a sweet element of ease to your ... Continue Reading

Learnable: Inexpensive Open Source Training


The ideas behind the Open Source Software (OSS), and more recently Free License Open Source Software (FLOSS) movements has always been about providing great tools at little to no cost. However, in recent years open source technology has become increasingly complex. In my opinion, that means the real return on investment comes in learning these tools. That's where Learnable comes in. ... Continue Reading

MySQL Search & Replace Tool

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This past weekend I had a WordPress website migration to make. It wasn't your traditional migration, as the domain changed. With well over 500 blog posts, it wasn't a small move, but I did learn a few things that I would like to share with you all. After importing the old database info into it's new place, I went ahead and changed the WordPress settings via MySQL (maybe will cover this more later). I thought I was done, until I realized that all internal links were wrong. From images to ... Continue Reading

WordPress Genie Code: Sticky Top Menu Bar

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One of the best parts about the WordPress Standard Theme is the simple and yet powerful navigation bar that contains whatever you want. It has the capacity to contain eight preset social media icons or any custom buttons you want to include, the automated category navigation, or any endless number of custom navigation links that you create. At the same time, it would cool to make our website on all platforms (desktop, mobile) into an application looking format, simply by adjusting the location ... Continue Reading

PHP The Right Way

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Google can be a great resource when you're doing web development or learning new stuff. Have a problem? Need a solution? Have a question? Chances are, someone has ran into a similar issue and the answer is just a web search away. There is one problem, however. Versions. It's easy to mistakenly find outdated and antiquated information. That's where PHP The Right Way comes in handy for those of you diggin' into some PHP magic: ... Continue Reading

How-To Add a Class to the First Post in Your WordPress Loop


If you want to add some ... uh ... excuse the pun ... class to the first post listed on your WordPress blog, here's the solution. Maybe you hadn't even thought of such a thing, but now that I've mentioned it, your creative mind has been flipped-on. ;-) As with many WordPress mods, all you'll have to do is add your snippet into your functions.php. ... Continue Reading

How-To Protect Your WordPress WP-Config File


Website security is something you shouldn't take lightly. I know it may seem like only high profile sites are targeted, but the truth of the matter is, everyone is vulnerable to a hack. Whether it's a personal blog, church website or large organization, protecting your WordPress wp-config.php file is a great step to adding added security. Understand that your wp-config.php file contains your database name, username and password. Information that you don't want anyone to have. If someone can ... Continue Reading

How-To Add Simple HTML in a WordPress Widget Title


Have you ever wanted to do a little something extra special with a sidebar widget title? If you have, you quickly learn that WordPress strips out all of the HTML tags, making it absolutely impossible to do so. But there's a way. ;-) With this snippet, you can add some bold and italics text awesomeness if you like (or other HTML tags for that matter). Here's how: ... Continue Reading

A Better WordPress Code Reference?

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Thanks to the awesomeness of 8BIT's Tom McFarlin, I've found a great place to snag some WordPress 4-1-1! The WordPress Codex gets the job done, but this handy tool may be a better place for getting info on WordPress data: ... Continue Reading