3 Innovative Options for your Ministry Website

Church Website Development

When I look at the innovative web design/development techniques that are helping take websites to a new level, I see three things happening. One, CMS systems are being used much more consistently, which is a great way to manage websites with a large number of pages, allow internal users to update only their area of the website and a great way to update the website without knowing code. Two, Parallax animation features using jQuery, HTML5 and CSS has rapidly increased and we are now seeing ... Continue Reading

Don’t Be Scared of Code

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I was elbow deep in a new website I am working on in WordPress and I wanted to add some social buttons for sharing not only posts, but pages, too. That's when I ran into a problem. I wanted to lean on Jetpack's social share buttons, since I was running it anyway. The problem with Jetpack, however, is that social share buttons are only allowed to reside inside the WordPress Loop. I would not be able to place them anywhere, else. That wasn't okay with me. I wasn't about to sacrifice my ... Continue Reading

How-To Add Modal Magic to Boostrapped Websites

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I was working on a client website this past weekend, when I wanted to add a MailChimp newsletter sign-up along with the usual Facebook, Twitter and Google+ action buttons. After not finding exactly what I wanted on the MailChimp website, I decided I would venture out into something new: I would add a modal! In a very basic and untechnical definition, a modal is one of those cool pop-up boxes that you see around the web, it uses Javascript and can really add a sweet element of ease to your ... Continue Reading

3 Minimal Web UI Element Kits

Web UI

If you like clean lines and minimal design, you'll like these three minimal web UI element kits. These kinds of resources can save time and even provide some inspiration for your next web design project. Check these out: ... Continue Reading

Learnable: Inexpensive Open Source Training


The ideas behind the Open Source Software (OSS), and more recently Free License Open Source Software (FLOSS) movements has always been about providing great tools at little to no cost. However, in recent years open source technology has become increasingly complex. In my opinion, that means the real return on investment comes in learning these tools. That's where Learnable comes in. ... Continue Reading