Some Of The Best Responsive Church HTML Templates


Churches have recognized the importance of their web presence and have started offering fully featured websites in recent years. There is no denying WordPress Church themes are the crowd favorite when it comes to launching a new church website but there are instances where a Joomla Church template or a good old HTML Church template might be a better choice. ChurchMag often covers news on WordPress and did a roundup of 10 outstanding WordPress themes roundup earlier this year and so I though it ... Continue Reading

Ink: Responsive Email Templates

Zurb Ink enewsletter newsletter template responsive html

ZURB, creators of the popular front-end web development framework, Foundation, have released a cool new tool that will help you rock-out some awesome responsive HTML emails! With over 40% of emails being viewed with mobile devices, having your email newsletter responsive is really important. Email newsletters are already on the fringe of being sent to the trash without a good look, so if you don't deliver your email so your recipient can read it on their device, consider yourself sunk. As ... Continue Reading

3 Innovative Options for your Ministry Website

Church Website Development

When I look at the innovative web design/development techniques that are helping take websites to a new level, I see three things happening. One, CMS systems are being used much more consistently, which is a great way to manage websites with a large number of pages, allow internal users to update only their area of the website and a great way to update the website without knowing code. Two, Parallax animation features using jQuery, HTML5 and CSS has rapidly increased and we are now seeing ... Continue Reading

How-To Create Deep Links for Podcasts Using HTML5

time jump html5

Having recently relaunched a podcast on a project I am working on, the idea of adding deep links is something I hadn't thought much about--until now. Web development is funny like that. Sometimes you find a tool like this and then you get the idea, oppose to having an idea and needing to find the tool. I have not tried to use it, yet, but I'm really thinking about it. This could be really interesting to use for sermon audio, too. Check it out: ... Continue Reading

Learnable: Inexpensive Open Source Training


The ideas behind the Open Source Software (OSS), and more recently Free License Open Source Software (FLOSS) movements has always been about providing great tools at little to no cost. However, in recent years open source technology has become increasingly complex. In my opinion, that means the real return on investment comes in learning these tools. That's where Learnable comes in. ... Continue Reading

Refineslide: A Slideshow Made Awesome


I'm not much for what I like to call, “flash and trash” and web design is no exception. That's why I surprised myself when I dug this cool slideshow. In fact, it really doesn't slide, but flips. The 3D effect on this is cool without being code heavy and uses CSS transitions and Javascript for fallback. Me likey. ... Continue Reading

Sniff-Out Your Code with HTML_CodeSniffer

HTML-CodeSniffer Thumb

Check your HTML code with this handy online tool. You can drop-in your code and have it sniffed-out or use the handy bookmarklet with the choice of using WCAG 2.0 Level AA, WCAG 2.0 Level AA and WCAG 2.0 Level A. However, it's not for the faint of heart. ... Continue Reading