3 Innovative Options for your Ministry Website

Church Website Development

When I look at the innovative web design/development techniques that are helping take websites to a new level, I see three things happening. One, CMS systems are being used much more consistently, which is a great way to manage websites with a large number of pages, allow internal users to update only their area of the website and a great way to update the website without knowing code. Two, Parallax animation features using jQuery, HTML5 and CSS has rapidly increased and we are now seeing ... Continue Reading

Hyperspace with CSS3

Noah Blon Codepen Thumb

I'm not sure what kind of project this could be used for, especially since it works best with browsers using webkit (could we please adopt a standard and everyone comply!?!), but this Hyperspace generated with CSS3 is a whole lot of fun. Check this out: ... Continue Reading

Find the Right Hexadecimal Color with Hex Color Tool

hex color tool

Finding just the right shade of color when you're formulating your web design can be a pain sometimes. You might need a color just a little darker or lighter for your link values or whatever CSS element it might be. Instead of opening Photoshop or other favorite design app, just jump over to this cool online color tool! ... Continue Reading

Sync Google Fonts to Your Desktop

download google fonts skyfonts

Yes! They finally did it. If you like to dig into Google Fonts for your web development, it can be a little bit of a pain when you're also trying to do graphic design with the same fonts. Sure, you can download them as needed and install them, but all-in-all, it's a pain and once you install a font it's not easy to keep up with updates. Until today! Introducing, SkyFonts: ... Continue Reading