9 GIFs that Tell the History of Web Design [Images]

retro computer - my first

Animated GIFs and scrolling text, that's what the web design history is made off. Best viewed on Netscape, anyone? Web design is constantly moving and changing. If you're a web designer, be prepared to always be learning new things. Here's an awesome look at the history of web design told by animated GIFs (naturally): ... Continue Reading

The Essentials of Successful Website Design [Infographic]

The Essentials of Successful Website Design [Infographic

So you want to design a website? There's a lot to think about when digging into designing and building a website. It's far more than just getting a free theme for a WordPress install and calling it, 'good.' If you're about to dive into a web project for your church, ministry, nonprofit—or maybe just a cool place for you to blog—here are some things you should consider in your desing process: ... Continue Reading

SmileBASIC: Learning to Code on Your Nintendo 3DS

SmileBasic nintedo 3ds computer programing learning game

I remember the first thing I ever programmed on a computer. It was “Hello, world.” — LOL! I followed a book tutorial using QuickBASIC and then attempted to create a text based video game. I never finished it, but I imagine I may have finished it had I had a cool app like this! ... Continue Reading

Kids, Coding, and ‘Doctor Who’


In an effort to encourage kids to learn to code, the BBC announced a new online Doctor Who-themed game that will walk the students through the basics of coding. This game is following several others that have popped over the last few years, including several prepared in conjunction with the “Hour of Code.” The game, entitled “The Doctor and the Dalek,” ties in with Britain’s computer education curriculum, which I just love, being a school teacher myself. Now, most educational games end up being ... Continue Reading

Dimensions — A Chrome Browser Extension

Dimensions Chrome

I'm always on the lookout for cool tools to make web design easier, so when I found this little Chrome browser extension, I had to share it with you. It's really simple. Nothing too fancy, here. But that's exactly what I like about it! Going by the name, I am sure you can figure out what Dimensions does. By enabling it, you can easily figure out the number of pixels that are between two elements. Check it out: ... Continue Reading

The WordPress Plugin Boilerplate

WP Plugin Boilerplate Screen

If you're interesting in building your own WordPress plugin and would love a great place to start, look no further. The WordPress Plugin Boilerplate is the best place to start when developing WordPress plugins. From the most basic of functions, to the most dynamic, this boilerplate has been growing and evolving for several years, now. I've seen (and used) this boilerplate before it had a notable version number and was poked away on Github. The WordPress Plugin Boilerplate has come a long way, ... Continue Reading

Responsive Logos

Responsive Logos - All

Joe Harrison has put together a really cool experiment with responsive logo design. He has taken the basic principles of responsive web design—making websites look awesome on all mobile devices and computers—and applied that to popular logos. The result is awesome: ... Continue Reading

Comps with Compassion: Social Good Ipsum

Social Good Ipsum Top

Remember what it was like to design graphics and websites without a good ol' Lorem Ipsum generator? Yeah. Life was tough back then. Now we have Bacon Ipsum, Hipster Ipsum and a entire Lorem Ipsum family! But there's always room for a new kind Ipsum, esspecially one that is full of compassion. ... Continue Reading

Keeping the Internet Clear of Outdated Browsers


For the best Internet experience, you have to stop using outdated broswers. Web technologies change at a rapid pace and it's the only way to make sure you're getting the most out of your web experience — not to mention web security. Here's a cool resource that both church ITs and web developers can use to make the World Wide Web a better place. Check it: ... Continue Reading