WordPress Cheat Sheet

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For you Wordpress developers out there, do you find yourself constantly Googling those commonly used Wordpress functions? Are you in charge of your church's website and you need access to those confusing little bits of code that do things? Need to immediately know how to insert Page Based Navigation? How about showing your site description? ... Continue Reading

MAMP 3 for Mac & PC


MAMP 3 has been released! If you're running a killer web development environment, more than likely, you've installed MAMP (unless you're developing on your PC — until now). MAMP is improved over the previous version and now comes in a Windows flavor, too (coming soon). While the pro version will cost you (reduced price for those with a MAMP 2 license), they are still offering the non-pro version for free. For those that wonder why you would ever need such an app, here's why: If you are doing ... Continue Reading

900-Year-Old Viking Code Finally Solved: Kiss Me

Old Viking Code

This is a fascinating story of 11th or 12th century Viking life with a fun little twist. While experts were able to determine the characters of their alphabet, the messages inscribed needed additional decoding. “The messages found so far seem to be either used in learning or have a playful tone.” It would seem as though Vikings enjoyed coding secret messages to one another with many of the messages being fun taunts. Here's one of those Viking codes: ... Continue Reading

The Source Code Used in TV and Film

Doctor Who TV Code

Tumblr has lead to many different creative endeavors that are just absolutely fun. :D One that I recently found is called, Source Code in TV and Films, and it's exactly what it sounds like. They have posted, including submissions from others, screenshots from different TV programs and movies of source code shown on screen. Included with these screenshots, they explain or cite the source code being used. Here's a sampling: ... Continue Reading

Some Of The Best Responsive Church HTML Templates


Churches have recognized the importance of their web presence and have started offering fully featured websites in recent years. There is no denying WordPress Church themes are the crowd favorite when it comes to launching a new church website but there are instances where a Joomla Church template or a good old HTML Church template might be a better choice. ChurchMag often covers news on WordPress and did a roundup of 10 outstanding WordPress themes roundup earlier this year and so I though ... Continue Reading

Tech Wreck Tuesday #17: No More Memory


Excuse me for a second, I am going to get very technical. For those that want the tldr version: If you do not program right, you can ruin your hard drive quickly. My background is in Computer Engineering and so I have my years of experience in low-level languages. One of the best features that I saw huge use for in my first year was in using C++ with pointers. The hope is that you can use less processing power of locating, accessing, and then releasing memory by doing the foundational ... Continue Reading

An Hour of Code for Churches

The Hour of Code is Here Screenshot

[tentblogger-youtube FC5FbmsH4fw] [YouTube] The promotional above was for an initiative by Code.org that wants to see programming become a featured job for America. The video includes celebrities like Nas, Dwight Howard, Ashton Kutcher as well as U.S. political leaders such as President Obama and Eric Cantor, Republican House Majority Leader. The hope is that instead of staying ignorant to how software is made, that you give it a go for one hour. How cool would that be if churches ... Continue Reading

Ink: Responsive Email Templates

Zurb Ink enewsletter newsletter template responsive html

ZURB, creators of the popular front-end web development framework, Foundation, have released a cool new tool that will help you rock-out some awesome responsive HTML emails! With over 40% of emails being viewed with mobile devices, having your email newsletter responsive is really important. Email newsletters are already on the fringe of being sent to the trash without a good look, so if you don't deliver your email so your recipient can read it on their device, consider yourself sunk. As ... Continue Reading