How to Learn to Code [Video]


I don't know how to say this any better, but Cheers, Kevin, a YouTube star, says how to learn to code best. Honestly, I cannot wait to teach all of my kids how to do this. It's a must. The question is, what do you need? A book? Experience? How about a problem to solve. My first problem was entertaining myself with creating a game. My second was a database manager. My third was to cheat at Yahoo! Checkers. My latest I had created, but never released, was a Youth Ministry app for a check-in ... Continue Reading

All About Bootstrap [Infographic]

Bootstrap 750x420

Twitter Bootstrap is a blessing for web designers and developers who have always sought a platform that allows them to reuse code blocks without having to invest time in extensive testing, or developing their personal library of CSS files. Creating smart and stylish web projects becomes simpler than ever with Bootstrap, offering you a fully customizable platform to build sophisticated and functionally rich web projects in minimal time. With 12 column grids, design components and layouts, and ... Continue Reading

WordPress Themes and HTML5 Galleries & Sliders [GIVEAWAY]

WordPress Themes and HTML5 Galleries Giveaway

Looking for some good deals on web dev products? may be a place you should check out. :) Take this “Web development Bundle: Wp Themes + HTML5 Galleries + Sliders” package for only $18. Normally this package of 22 products by DevelopGo would set you back $250! Here's what's included: ... Continue Reading

Bootstrap Church Themes


Most of us would want a framework with a solid foundation, that has prebuilt elements that most websites would require and offer a good level of customization, and this is exactly what Bootstrap does. Bootstrap is one of the most popular front-end development framework that has won over many a designers and developers. There are a lot of Bootstrap themes and Bootstrap skins with custom CSS that gives you the ability to quickly put together a custom responsive website. With a growing community ... Continue Reading

Is a Custom Built Church Website for You?


There are a lot of challenges and risks you can encounter when setting out to build a church website. What should your domain name be? Where should you host it? CMS or static site? It can be a little bit overwhelming. When I set out to build my church's website, I encountered these same things. The biggest decision we made, however, was deciding whether or not to get a template and built it on an existing platform or to custom build our own solution. ... Continue Reading

9 GIFs that Tell the History of Web Design [Images]

retro computer - my first

Animated GIFs and scrolling text, that's what the web design history is made off. Best viewed on Netscape, anyone? Web design is constantly moving and changing. If you're a web designer, be prepared to always be learning new things. Here's an awesome look at the history of web design told by animated GIFs (naturally): ... Continue Reading

The Essentials of Successful Website Design [Infographic]

The Essentials of Successful Website Design [Infographic

So you want to design a website? There's a lot to think about when digging into designing and building a website. It's far more than just getting a free theme for a WordPress install and calling it, 'good.' If you're about to dive into a web project for your church, ministry, nonprofit—or maybe just a cool place for you to blog—here are some things you should consider in your desing process: ... Continue Reading

SmileBASIC: Learning to Code on Your Nintendo 3DS

SmileBasic nintedo 3ds computer programing learning game

I remember the first thing I ever programmed on a computer. It was “Hello, world.” — LOL! I followed a book tutorial using QuickBASIC and then attempted to create a text based video game. I never finished it, but I imagine I may have finished it had I had a cool app like this! ... Continue Reading

Kids, Coding, and ‘Doctor Who’


In an effort to encourage kids to learn to code, the BBC announced a new online Doctor Who-themed game that will walk the students through the basics of coding. This game is following several others that have popped over the last few years, including several prepared in conjunction with the “Hour of Code.” The game, entitled “The Doctor and the Dalek,” ties in with Britain’s computer education curriculum, which I just love, being a school teacher myself. Now, most educational games end up being ... Continue Reading