Three Premium WordPress Themes from ThemeFuse [GIVEAWAY]

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We love the awesome team over at ThemeFuse any day of the week, but here’s why you should love them today. They’re giving away 3 free WordPress themes licenses to our readers! Have you checked out ThemeFuse yet? If you haven’t, you’re in for a real surprise. Your WordPress blog could be so much better than it already is, and with no extra work on your part. The 3 lucky winners will get to choose and download their favorite Wordpress theme for free because we’re giving out three ... Continue Reading

Uplifted: A New Church WordPress Theme by UpThemes [Giveaway]


Looking for a WordPress solution with everything your church needs? Uplifted is a new responsive WordPress theme created with your ministry in mind. Built on top of the Church Theme Framework and Church Theme Content plugin, this theme utilizes web technologies like Foundation 4, Sass, and the UpThemes Framework (for live theme customizations with WordPress’ new Theme Customizer). ... Continue Reading

nRelate vs Jetpack Related Post WordPress Plugins: Round 2

nRelate vs Jetpack Round One

Back in March, ChurchMag switched-out the related post plugin. We disabled nRelate and opted to use Jetpack's built-in related posts module for multiple reasons, and now that we've been cruising with the new design and have given Jetpack Related Posts a fair shake, I think it's time for Round Two (you can read Round One here). The dust has settled and all the punches have landed. I think the score has been settled after just two rounds. So which is better? nRelate vs Jetpack Related Posts — ... Continue Reading Releases New Church WordPress Theme


[Editor's Note: We're giving away a copy of Exodus! Details at the end of the post.] made their mark in the WordPress world with their first launch of the stellar Church WordPress theme ‘Resurrect.’ You could easily launch a professional, good looking church website using this well coded theme. And they've done it again. This time, has stepped up their game with a new design that not only looks good, but has some really nice options that will make it easy and ... Continue Reading

Tech Wreck Tuesday #20: Updating Without a Net

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This is truly a Tuesday "tech wreck" because that's exactly when it happened! (I hope that we haven't cursed Tuesday's with this series!) I teach at a middle school with a 1:1 program, which means that every student has a laptop. It makes teaching really fun because I am constantly able to use my tech skills to communicate my content. Awesome, right? Except when the tech doesn't work, which does happen. Nothing's perfect, after all. ... Continue Reading

WordPress Cheat Sheet

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For you Wordpress developers out there, do you find yourself constantly Googling those commonly used Wordpress functions? Are you in charge of your church's website and you need access to those confusing little bits of code that do things? Need to immediately know how to insert Page Based Navigation? How about showing your site description? ... Continue Reading

$100 Off Genesis WordPress StudioPress Themes

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There are several reasons why ChurchMag will be using the Genesis Framework for the redesign that's coming very soon (you read more about those reasons here). When I decided on Genesis, I had the option of purchasing StudioPress' the StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Package. It not only included the Genesis Framework, but over $1,000 worth of themes. You see, not only do you get the Genesis Framework with the StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Package, but you get all current themes, as well as new ... Continue Reading

nRelate vs Jetpack Related Post WordPress Plugins: Round 1

nRelate vs Jetpack Round One

For years, now, ChurchMag and other blogs have been using a very popular related posts plugin. While historically many of these plugins shredded large databases and used too many server resources, solutions like nRelate came to the surface making a quick, easy, and lightweight solution for adding that cool and nifty “you may also like” related posts found after most every blog posts on the web these days. Now Jetpack has added this feature to their robust, some might say bloated, WordPress ... Continue Reading

Automattic’s Corporate Culture and Church Tech Teams [Infographic]

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I've always known that Automattic was an awesome company. Any business that can operate and provide products and services that leans on an open source platform — which they created — is a business that's interested in thinking different. But it's more than just their products and services that set them apart. It's their corporate work culture, too. It is this culture that trickles down into everything they do. Take a closer look at these facts and figures and you'll see just how unique they ... Continue Reading

Obvious WordPress Tips: Bulk Edit For the Win!


I'm terrible at learning by using WordPress tutorials. Refusing to read instructions might be the most manly thing about me, followed by my beard and my love for plaid shirts. For whatever reason, it's just easier for me to jump right into something new and figure it out as I go along. Sure, I do have to look stuff up on occasion, but that's not as big of a deal as you might think. Or at least, it wasn't as big of a deal until I started finding small little tidbits of knowledge that would have ... Continue Reading