The Evolution of WordPress [Infographic]


I started blogging a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away called 2007 on a platform called WordPress. Since then, I've been a loyal, if infrequent WordPress blogger. Eight years, folks—that's a digital eternity! In five years, I've grown a lot—mostly horizontally—but WordPress has become bigger (the world's largest CSM) but also deeper, boasting more and more features and a better, stronger core than I'd ever thought possible. I'm seriously amazed at the platform I have to write and publish ... Continue Reading

How to Set Up Security on Your New WP Install

Set Up Security on Your New WP Image

WordPress is pretty secure by default. But it is also the most popular open source CMS in the world, which makes it a target of all the wanna be hackers, malicious code distributors, and random DDOS attacks. Making your WordPress site secure should be your top priority right after you install WordPress. Here is what you need to do. ... Continue Reading

How-To Choose a Premium WordPress Theme


I build WordPress websites. As a result I've dealt with a lot of WordPress themes. I've had some great experiences that have made building a site a dream and I've had some utterly awful experiences that have resulted in me wanting to tear my own hair out. This is especially painful when you realise you've paid for the pleasure. In an effort to spare others some of the frustrations I have experienced, I want to share my process of how to choose a theme. There are a series of checks I run the ... Continue Reading

TeslaThemes WordPress Theme Giveaway!

Teslathemes Website Screen

The awesome guys at TeslaThemes would like to give away a set of three premium WordPress themes to 3 ChurchMag readers! TeslaThemes are really sharp looking. They have clean designs and don't fall short in the features department, either. Personalize your look for your personal blog, nonprofit ministry, or church even! Take a look at these three themes we're giving away—and enter to win! ... Continue Reading

Easily See What WordPress Theme Is Used


Time for a quick quiz: Have you ever seen a beautifully laid-out WordPress site and wondered aloud, "What theme is that?" Have you then scrolled frantically to the bottom of the page, hoping that the site admin included the theme name in the footer? Did you then shake your first when you realized that the information wasn't there? If you've answered "yes" to any of these, but especially if you've answered "yes" to all three, then we have a wonderful tool for you. ... Continue Reading

Share Old Posts with CoSchedule

CoSchedule-Large-Cover 1

For years, I used the Tweet Old Post plugin for WordPress. It was a great way to re-use older posts and give them a chance to be seen again. It's easy to get lost in the stream of Twitter messages, so retweeting older blog posts is a great way to breathe more life into your blog. However, there are two things that I've found problematic with Tweet Old Post: ... Continue Reading