Introducing: By the Book Mobile Child Check-In

By the Book

By the Book is a great ChCMS solution. Their church software suite covers a number of needs: Membership Database Contribution Tracking Donation Reporting Accounting Integration Child Check-In More! By the Book has some great news -- Child Check In can now be used on just about any tablet or smartphone! ... Continue Reading

Employee & Volunteer Management Made Easy


Whether your organization is big or small, school or organization, keeping up with employees and volunteers can take a lot of time and resources. With Logos Management Software’s PeopleFlow, human resource management has never been easier. PeopleFlow is a complete people management lifecycle solution tracking staff and volunteers from application to termination while automating certification and background verification. Manage employee critical information, tasks, training, and background ... Continue Reading

The City, ACS Technologies & The Next 100-Days


Last month, The City, owned by Zondervan, was acquired by ACS Technologies. The City is the best known and most widely used church-focused social community with over 600 churches and over 200,000 people engaged nationwide. ACS Technologies is the world's leading provider of church management software solutions, so the combination of these two was huge. It's almost been one month since the announcement, and ACS Technologies is publicly sharing what the product team is working on, as The City ... Continue Reading

Fellowship One Special Church Plant Pricing


[Editor's Note: This pricing is no longer available.] Fellowship One is a Church management software that aids Churches in administration, and helps them become more effective in ministry. A perfect solution for both established and freshly planted Churches. Right now, Fellowship One is offering special pricing for Churches that have been recently planted! If you have established your Church within the last 12-months, and your average weekly attendance is less than 200 adults and children, ... Continue Reading

Need a Church Website, But All You Have Is Frustration?


We cover many different CMS engines on ChurchCMS, along with different types of CMS programs. Everything from website and volunteer management, to financial and church directory management, and sometimes all of the above! The field is wide open, each one having an unique edge. For some churches, this can be very overwhelming; moreover, there are those churches that don't have an internal staff to deal with websites and the like. As cool and high-tech as we can be, there are still those places ... Continue Reading

SkyBlueCanvas – Lightweight, Open Source CMS


SkyBlueCanvas is a lightweight, open source CMS written in PHP that is specifically built for small sites. If a robust system like Joomla, WordPress or Drupal are too hefty, this is when you grab a lightweight CMS like SkyBlueCanvas. However, don't confuse "lightweight" with "simple". This CMS includes many of the basic abilities a more robust system has, like plugin API, extensions, and theme-ability. Like most CMS's, if you can use a word processor then you can update your website. ... Continue Reading

YapTime – A Private Social Group Service


We've found a very nice and simple tool that would be great for church groups and teams! It's called YapTime. From the very beginning, you'll find it natural to use. Its interface is very similar to Facebook in its style and layout. Worship teams, leadership teams, small groups and even some smaller church congregations, will want to give this online tool a good look. ... Continue Reading

Church Web Works V5


The web based CMS, Church Web Works, has kicked-off 2011 with version 5. Church Web Works offers many robust features while remaining relatively easy to manipulate from the back-end. ... Continue Reading

Fellowship One


From FellowshipOne: Fellowship One is a web-based system that allows a church of any size, from new church plants to multi-site mega churches, to be more effective in ministry, more efficient in administration, and to engage the community. Fellowship One provides a unique 360-degree, single view of the families in your church, their involvement and their needs so that you can personalize their care. ... Continue Reading

Member Connect


From Member Connect: MemberConnect takes the portion of church management that benefits members and puts it online — making information available to church members, and allowing ministry leaders to effectively and easily manage their ministry communications. MemberConnect has additional features not found in church management software: items that make sense because everyone in the church can view and participate from their Web browser, at anytime, from anywhere. It provides every ministry in ... Continue Reading