The Case for Church Management Software: Financials

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In the world of ChMS’ (Church Management Software), probably the least flashy of all the features is the financial element. However, it happens to be one of the more practical elements that a ChMS has to offer. Not only during tax time and some of the daily operations of the church, but often for the members as well. The feature set included in the many different ChMS’ vary, so for the sake of arguing the finer points of a using a ChMS for your church, we’ll be using By the Book as a case ... Continue Reading

The Top Church Management Software (ChMS) Solutions

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Does your church use ChMS (Church Management Software)? I would curious to know what percentage of churches use a ChMS solution. This is often overlooked or ignored by smaller churches, as it seems like something only a large or mega church would need. But the truth of the matter is, a church of almost any size can benefit from using ChMS. The key in that statement would be “use.” Unused programs, apps, and tools never help if they’re never used and never reach their full potential if they’re ... Continue Reading

Building a Youth Group Website

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Thirty-one. Besides being the number of the ideal woman—get it? (Proverbs 31)—thirty-one is also my age. Yes, that's right: I'm old. And as such, I've moved beyond youth ministry, and yet I still have a deep passion for reaching young people and an enduring respect for those who still bear the calling to reach them. And because I respect youth ministers so much, I'd like to offer a bit of help with your website. But first, a story! ... Continue Reading

ChMS Review: Congregation Connect

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Congregation Connect is a ChMS designed by Cloud4Good to run on the Salesforce platform. Salesforce is a worldwide, cloud-based software company known for its seemingly ubiquitous CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, which boasts a client list of massive, multinational corporations like Coca-Cola, Activision, and even Facebook. Here's a bit more about Salesforce: ... Continue Reading

Is Your Kid Ministry Check-In Current?


Earlier this month KidCheck announced several new improvements in their secure children's check-in system. It's normal for apps and tech solutions to get updates. Many years ago, updates for Windows—for example—came in Service Packs that were released every few years or so; and even these were not major improvements. Fast forward to today, and both operating systems and everyday apps get major updates and changes. Sometimes it's the design and sometimes it's important functions. Regular updates ... Continue Reading

The Right Tool for the Right Job

dangerous to go alone - church community builder

My good friend owns a local home remodeling and repair business. If he gets a power tool for Christmas, it will be used consistently to improve families' homes. If, on the other hand, you give it to me, I will give you a nervous thank you in response and the tool will collect dust in my garage. Having the right tools is only one part of completing a complicated job. In addition to tools, you need to use them correctly. In working with churches, we have found that many have the tools but ... Continue Reading

One Too Many Casseroles

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Frequently when a family member or close loved one passes away, there is support coming from many directions. Flowers being sent with nice cards, text messages received, and phone calls had with other family members. I've often heard, "We don't need anymore food. We have one too many casseroles as it is now." After attending many funerals and delivering many meals, here is what I've found: ... Continue Reading

Developing Transformational Generosity

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There are some things in life that are inevitable, and I don’t mean death and taxes. Like, if you drop a piece of buttered bread, it always lands face-side down, or if you bring a guest to church it’s always the week the sermon is about giving. Okay, okay — so these aren’t true inevitabilities. But the fact that those statements could be made side by side goes to show that talking about giving in church often makes people uncomfortable. ... Continue Reading

Why Growth Might Not Be the Right Goal

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One common measure of a church’s success that almost every pastor points to is whether or not they are growing. It’s understandable. The Bible is really clear that we are to go and make disciples of all nations. So it stands to reason that if our church isn’t growing numerically, we must not be doing a great job in fulfilling the great commission. But too often, by focusing on numerical growth, we miss a key word in the call: disciples. By focusing on reaching the people who are not currently a ... Continue Reading