What We Can Learn About Making Disciples from Simon Says

simon says

We have all played ‘Simon Says’. My children can have countless hours of fun playing this simple game. Imagine if in the middle of the game I said “Simon says pat your head” and my son nodded his head and did nothing. I would obviously tell him he had been eliminated from the game, and he would not protest, because he knows that’s how the game is played. He wouldn’t tell me that he memorized what I had said, or that he is meditating on it (which is the same thing as actually patting it, Dad, ... Continue Reading

Four Ingredients to Make a Lasting Impact

cooking with lego

The most profound moments in my life seem to come from unexpected places. In a recent conversation with my 11-year-old daughter, she spoke to a core issue I believe is hardwired into us all — “What do you want to do with your life?” I’ve posed this question to her many different times, always receiving different answers. But today in my kitchen, she looked at me, tilted her head thoughtfully, and said, “I don’t know what I want to do, but I want it to be something big.” And there it is. That ... Continue Reading

Introducing the Church Self-Service Kiosk by Elexio


They've had self-service kiosks at department stores for years, so the use concept is very much a part of our culture. Remember when you always handed your bank card or credit card to the cashier at Walmart? Now we do it ourselves. The same goes for fueling-up at the gas station. So why not adapt that same daily tech in the church? Is it time for the classic “sign-up table” to go by the wayside? For large to mega churches, the new church self-service kiosk by Elexio could be a great solution ... Continue Reading

An Affordable Church Nursery Pager Solution

nursery pager

Finally, a new church nursery pager solution! Ever since Agapage disappeared, I receive regular messages about churches looking for a nursery pager solution; and now I have one to share. :) Nursery Pager is not only affordable, there are no setup fees, no hardware costs, unlimited growth potential and no contracts. If only my mobile plan was this simple! Does your church have a nursery pager solution? ... Continue Reading

New ChCMS Web Integration with Roll Call Connect

By the Book Roll Call Connect

Right when you thought that By the Book's Roll Call church management software couldn't get any more awesome, it does. By the Book has announced a new add-onto for Roll Call that will allow both church staff and members to access core Roll Call features from their desktop browser, tablet or smartphone. Web integration #FTW! ... Continue Reading

4 Open Source Online Church Membership Training Apps

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After posting these 6 online church membership training apps, one of our awesome ChurchMag readers emailed me with some Open Source online church membership training systems that he had some experience with. LCMS' (Learning Content Management System) can be a great tool for new membership training, especially for large, multisite churches. Here's an overview of some Open Source LCMS systems you may want to consider: ... Continue Reading

Are Private Church Social Networks A Good Idea? [Podcast]

Private Church Social Networks ChurchMag Podcast

Whether it's packaged with a ChCMS (a church membership database app) or not, there are many different private church social networks; such as The City, The Table Project and Church Social Networking—to name just a few. If you include online apps like Yammer and Socialcast, the list grows even longer! On this episode of the ChurchMag podcast, we tackle the question: Are private, closed, walled-garden, church social networks ever a good idea? ... Continue Reading

Online Church Group Planning with Mightybell


It's time to make social media more social! With new online environments like Mightybell, social media becomes more than just a status update, news links and animated GIFS (although those are cool too). Mightybell is the “small group” of social media, as you can engage in deeper, personal conversations, discussions, real-time chat and private messaging. This may be an awesome online church group planning resource! ... Continue Reading

6 Online Church Membership Training Apps

Online Church Membership Training Apps

A was recently asked by a fairly large church about online church membership training apps. Coming from a more modest size church, I had never thought of such a thing! However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized how cool of an idea this would be--even for smaller churches. So, here are six online church membership training apps I found in researching online training tools. ... Continue Reading

VBS Made Easier with Roll Call Child Check-In System

by the book child check in system vbs

VBS can be hairy and sometimes a little scary if your outreach was a success and you have more kids show-up than what you expected--a good problem I would say. :) One thing that can really make VBS go smoother is a streamlined child check-in system. Not only will guests feel more comfortable and have confidence in your church's ability to keep their children safe and accounted for, but starting VBS on the right foot is sure to make the rest of the VBS experience more satisfying. Here's a ... Continue Reading