ChMS Review: Congregation Connect

Congregation Connect - Image

Congregation Connect is a ChMS designed by Cloud4Good to run on the Salesforce platform. Salesforce is a worldwide, cloud-based software company known for its seemingly ubiquitous CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, which boasts a client list of massive, multinational corporations like Coca-Cola, Activision, and even Facebook. Here's a bit more about Salesforce: ... Continue Reading

Is a Custom Built Church Website for You?


There are a lot of challenges and risks you can encounter when setting out to build a church website. What should your domain name be? Where should you host it? CMS or static site? It can be a little bit overwhelming. When I set out to build my church's website, I encountered these same things. The biggest decision we made, however, was deciding whether or not to get a template and built it on an existing platform or to custom build our own solution. ... Continue Reading

Is Your Kid Ministry Check-In Current?


Earlier this month KidCheck announced several new improvements in their secure children's check-in system. It's normal for apps and tech solutions to get updates. Many years ago, updates for Windows—for example—came in Service Packs that were released every few years or so; and even these were not major improvements. Fast forward to today, and both operating systems and everyday apps get major updates and changes. Sometimes it's the design and sometimes it's important functions. Regular updates ... Continue Reading

How-To Choose a Premium WordPress Theme


I build WordPress websites. As a result I've dealt with a lot of WordPress themes. I've had some great experiences that have made building a site a dream and I've had some utterly awful experiences that have resulted in me wanting to tear my own hair out. This is especially painful when you realise you've paid for the pleasure. In an effort to spare others some of the frustrations I have experienced, I want to share my process of how to choose a theme. There are a series of checks I run the ... Continue Reading

TeslaThemes WordPress Theme Giveaway!

Teslathemes Website Screen

The awesome guys at TeslaThemes would like to give away a set of three premium WordPress themes to 3 ChurchMag readers! TeslaThemes are really sharp looking. They have clean designs and don't fall short in the features department, either. Personalize your look for your personal blog, nonprofit ministry, or church even! Take a look at these three themes we're giving away—and enter to win! ... Continue Reading

Easily See What WordPress Theme Is Used


Time for a quick quiz: Have you ever seen a beautifully laid-out WordPress site and wondered aloud, "What theme is that?" Have you then scrolled frantically to the bottom of the page, hoping that the site admin included the theme name in the footer? Did you then shake your first when you realized that the information wasn't there? If you've answered "yes" to any of these, but especially if you've answered "yes" to all three, then we have a wonderful tool for you. ... Continue Reading

The Right Tool for the Right Job

dangerous to go alone - church community builder

My good friend owns a local home remodeling and repair business. If he gets a power tool for Christmas, it will be used consistently to improve families' homes. If, on the other hand, you give it to me, I will give you a nervous thank you in response and the tool will collect dust in my garage. Having the right tools is only one part of completing a complicated job. In addition to tools, you need to use them correctly. In working with churches, we have found that many have the tools but ... Continue Reading

One Too Many Casseroles

casserole with cheese and zucchini in baking dish

Frequently when a family member or close loved one passes away, there is support coming from many directions. Flowers being sent with nice cards, text messages received, and phone calls had with other family members. I've often heard, "We don't need anymore food. We have one too many casseroles as it is now." After attending many funerals and delivering many meals, here is what I've found: ... Continue Reading