Joins the Celebration

churchthemesdotcomlogo provide excellent WordPress themes for churches. They are not only designed well and have the kind of built-in features you're going to want for a church website, but the support is superb! When Steven Gliebe--the man behind the curtain--heard about our 15,000th Blog Post celebration, he wanted to join-in... ... Continue Reading

The Case for Church Management Software: Financials

The Case for ChMS Church Managment Software - Financials - Image

In the world of ChMS’ (Church Management Software), probably the least flashy of all the features is the financial element. However, it happens to be one of the more practical elements that a ChMS has to offer. Not only during tax time and some of the daily operations of the church, but often for the members as well. The feature set included in the many different ChMS’ vary, so for the sake of arguing the finer points of a using a ChMS for your church, we’ll be using By the Book as a case ... Continue Reading

The Top Church Management Software (ChMS) Solutions

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Does your church use ChMS (Church Management Software)? I would curious to know what percentage of churches use a ChMS solution. This is often overlooked or ignored by smaller churches, as it seems like something only a large or mega church would need. But the truth of the matter is, a church of almost any size can benefit from using ChMS. The key in that statement would be “use.” Unused programs, apps, and tools never help if they’re never used and never reach their full potential if they’re ... Continue Reading

How to Build A Church Website [Infographic]

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Does your church have a website? If not, you need to change that. Not next month, not next year, today. It is your church's digital home-base. Your business card. Your primary point-of-contact. You need a church website. There are solutions such as Ekklesai360 where you can get a great website solution geared specifically for churches. If that won't work for you, there are other solutions below that may fit your budget or expectations. Here are the three types of websites you can expect to ... Continue Reading

Building a Youth Group Website

Youth Group Website - Image

Thirty-one. Besides being the number of the ideal woman—get it? (Proverbs 31)—thirty-one is also my age. Yes, that's right: I'm old. And as such, I've moved beyond youth ministry, and yet I still have a deep passion for reaching young people and an enduring respect for those who still bear the calling to reach them. And because I respect youth ministers so much, I'd like to offer a bit of help with your website. But first, a story! ... Continue Reading

The Evolution of WordPress [Infographic]


I started blogging a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away called 2007 on a platform called WordPress. Since then, I've been a loyal, if infrequent WordPress blogger. Eight years, folks—that's a digital eternity! In five years, I've grown a lot—mostly horizontally—but WordPress has become bigger (the world's largest CSM) but also deeper, boasting more and more features and a better, stronger core than I'd ever thought possible. I'm seriously amazed at the platform I have to write and publish ... Continue Reading

How to Set Up Security on Your New WP Install

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WordPress is pretty secure by default. But it is also the most popular open source CMS in the world, which makes it a target of all the wanna be hackers, malicious code distributors, and random DDOS attacks. Making your WordPress site secure should be your top priority right after you install WordPress. Here is what you need to do. ... Continue Reading

ChMS Review: Congregation Connect

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Congregation Connect is a ChMS designed by Cloud4Good to run on the Salesforce platform. Salesforce is a worldwide, cloud-based software company known for its seemingly ubiquitous CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, which boasts a client list of massive, multinational corporations like Coca-Cola, Activision, and even Facebook. Here's a bit more about Salesforce: ... Continue Reading