Church Tech Snack Pack #001

church tech snack pack

church tech snack pack

Here’s our first church tech snack pack!

What is it?

This is it:

27 Tweets from Jesus
via Executing Ideas
Right when you thought social media was shallow or 140 characters wasn’t enough to say something awesome.

5 Things Not to Post on Social Media as a Christian Leader
via Youth Leaders Academy
A great list for Christian leaders, and maybe all Christians, should certainly consider.

Church Performance Dance Back-flips Do Not End Well
via Relevant
Both painful and funny, this praise dance show must go on!

5 Ways to Lead Great Worship with the Little That We Have
via Votive Praise
Face it, most worship teams don’t have the same resources that say, Hillsong, has.

Tactics vs. Strategy in Social Media for Your Church
via Social Media in the Church
This is the number one question every church should be asking themselves when it comes to social media.

7 Facebook Tips for Pastors
Most pastors I know need help with their Facebook, these seven tips are sure to help!

Communicating with Church Tech Teams
Here are some excellent tips to help your church tech team communicate like never before.

via ChurchTechArts
Church tech thievery happens! Here’s what to do.

Scripture Memorizer
via ChristianDroid
Use an Android device? Want to memorize some scriptures? Check this out.

What Will Be the Cost to the Church?
via Tim Challies
 “What will be the cost to the church if young men continue to give themselves to pornography?”


The first church tech snack pack just happened.

If you’ve got some awesome links to add, feel free to drop them in the comments below…or you can just, you know, leave a comment in the comments below. 😛

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