Should A Church Use Social Media?


Social media is not a new concept for most people. By now, we’ve all heard about sites like Facebook and Twitter. We’ve seen them featured in movies, talked about them with our friends and probably have accounts on most, if not all, the popular networks. With over 850 million people on Facebook and 500 million on Twitter, businesses have began to turn their attention to these channels as way to interact with their customers, increase brand loyalty and generate new sales. Many tote the importance of social media for businesses, but what role does social media play for churches?

If the church is not trying to generate sales or compete with others, then should a church be active on Facebook or Twitter?

Yes. And here’s why:

Latest statistics show people spend at least 20 minutes a day on Facebook, 12 minutes a day on Twitter, and visits these sites on average 3-4 times a week. Frankly, people spend more time on social networks than they doing going to church. If the Church wants to get their message outside the four walls and continue the conversation beyond Sunday, they ought to look to social networks to engage those visitors and foster dialogue.

Many churches however do not have time, resources or knowledge on how to effectively use sites like Facebook to generate conversations and engage their members. Having a Facebook page or posting the latest service to YouTube isn’t enough. A carefully executed social strategy customized to the church’s desires and awareness of their local community can help drive visitors to a church, extend Sunday’s message throughout the week, and increase fellowship and relationship within a congregation.

ROAR is excited to announce a new service offering social media consultation and site management to churches. Known for helping churches get their voices heard through mobile technology, ROAR is ready to help your church utilize social media to make your message loud. Contact them today for a free consultation on what social media can do for your church. They offer content management packages as low as $200 and have a dedicated team ready to help you out.

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Eric Dye

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  1. says

    Eric, as usual, I agree. I’m about to release my second book, “Tweeting Church” in April, and I think social media is the new frontier. As the Apostle Paul went into the market place to teach, so the church should engage with discussion online.

    When I was live-tweeting my pastor’s sermon and tweeted, “Knowing all about someone isn’t the same as knowing them. Having a conversation isn’t having a relationship. Same with God. #IknowHim,” I got all sorts of retweets and engagement. This isn’t my job or assignment at church. It’s just what I do because I love Jesus and the Church.

    Should we engage? Yes!!



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