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Like myself, many of you are probably anxiously awaiting the new global top-level domain (gTLD) registry for .church.



Appealing, isn’t it?

Here’s the latest news from the very awesome LifeChurch.tv:

Some time ago, you signed up for updates on LifeChurch.tv’s progress in securing the global top-level domain registry for .church. To refresh your memory, we applied to become a registry for a few reasons:

  • To create a clearly identified namespace for churches and religious organizations, which would make it easier for people to discover, connect with, and share those ministries
  • To ensure the .church domain would be widely open to churches around the globe and not limited to one group or special interest
  • To make .church domain names available to churches at an affordable price

Since you expressed interest in .church domain names, we wanted to update you first about a recent development. Another organization, Donuts Inc., also applied for the same name. Since only one organization is allowed to be the registry, we’ve been involved in a process to determine who that will be. We recently wrapped up that process, and Donuts Inc. will be the registry for .church.

While we’re disappointed we won’t be able to steward this resource, we’re pleased that the initial objectives above are likely to be achieved with the new registry.

Because we won’t operate the registry, we are not aware of plans regarding availability or timing for .church domain names. Please direct any questions to Donuts Inc.

We believe the use of .church will ultimately be a win for the global Church and we’re looking forward to seeing how ministries are going to leverage this new space.

Thank you for your interest and support!
The LifeChurch.tv team

Thank youLifeChurch.tv!

I think it’s great that these guys took a crack at landing .church and agree that this will “ultimately be a win for the global Church.”

Are you anxious for .church?

I am afraid of all the ugliness that comes with the domain name game. I’ve been tempted to snag some up to try and make a few bucks, but the idea of purchasing domain names solely with the intent of profiting off of it makes me feel like a crummy Internet citizen.


Eric Dye

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  1. says

    This will be great. You see churches using domains like .cc because .com is not available. The truth is domains like that are not memorable. Something like cornerstone.church will be perfect (of course 1,000 chuches with the same name will all be going after that one).

    Profiting from domain names? Methinks Eric had the idea to register catholic.church and sell it to the Vaitcan.

    From what I understand with these new gTLD’s is that it will be hard profiteer ’em, because the registries themselves are going to do that. They’ll reserve names they think will be in high demand then offer them for very high prices (versus first come, first serve) or maybe auction them (which would be better). I don’t recall where I read that or if I’m remembering correctly, or even if this will be universal, but something in my head told my mouth to say this.

    • says

      LOL! I wish! (Not really, but seriously)

      As for being memorable, I think it all depends on the purpose of the site. Like ChurchM.ag for instance. It’s not a dot com, it’s rather unique, but it seems to work for it. I also think that as more extensions are released, the less important the extension will become, imho.

  2. says

    After looking at the website for Donuts, Inc., who will be the registrar for .church, I’m not nearly as optimistic as the Lifechurch.tv people seem to be, considering their intro video utilizes the example TLD of .wtf. Hopefully they will be good stewards of .church, but my guess is that the name Donuts, Inc. came from all the zeros in the number of dollars they’re going to rake in from all this.

  3. says

    I’m hoping that i can get .church for our very common name, unfortunately I’m guessing that there will be a bidding war or something. Or the registrar will reserve it.

  4. Dean says

    I’m personally not excited for this shift in TLD registration. It seems like a money making scheme for TLD farms who swallow up a bunch of names because they know people will want to buy them for marketing purposes and just so that their name won’t be sullied.

    The University I used to work for had to do this for the .xxx domain so someone wouldn’t have some “university girls gone wild” website up there. I’m sure a MAJORITY of the TLDs sold off of these new names will solely act as redirects or clones for sites and companies (and churches) will be forced to pay through the teeth to combat intentional misdirection.

    Tough call though. It really would be great if .church domains were accessible, managed well and would actually engage people beyond the poor paradigm a lot of church websites have of, “Service is at this time, come into our doors to see what we’re really about.” and instead invite people into a community of Christ followers.


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