BuddyPress – Social Networking Platform in a Box


I’ve been hesitant to blog about BuddyPress, a social networking platform built entirely from WordPress-Mu and a number of assorted plugins, because I didn’t feel like it was “ready” for me to fully endorse.

Actually, that’s a lie. I could have blogged about it about a year or so ago but it has since matured to a point where it is truly ready for primetime. The release of BuddyPress 1.01 this morning had some very good updates and fixes.

Essentially, you could create your own little social network in a matter of clicks, installing BuddyPress just like you do WordPress and adding a few more steps in between.

This might be a great tool for internal use at your organization or even external use around a social networking-niche. Honestly, the sky is the limit here.

And since it’s built on WordPress, the flexibility of it is peerless. I’ve been looking for a reason to use it, but haven’t found one yet.

So, check it out and let me know your thoughts or if you’re going to use it! Make sure to sign up for the Live Demo they’ve got and walk around in it a bit.


John Saddington

I am the CEO of 8BIT and a Full Time Entrepreneur/a>. I like what I do.

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