Blackberry Rocks the WordPress App, But is Mobile Blogging Really that Good?

Is there really much more to say? You can download it right here if you swing a BB. Some new improvements:

  • Ability to record and upload videos from your phone. We now support both 3gp and 3g2 formats on older generation BlackBerry devices.
  • Introducing support for the HD video service VideoPress.
  • Streamlined UI and functionality relating to comment moderation
  • Overall enhancements to the speed and stability of the app

Sounds like a winner, but here’s the thing for me: Without a keyboard (a real keyboard) I just don’t see myself every using a mobile handset for blogging. Even the iPad for me wouldn’t cut it.

What about you? Do you think we’ll ever get to the point of that type of mobile-blogging?


John Saddington

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  1. says

    Eh, I can’t really see myself ever putting out full posts on a regular basis from my phone. I must admit, though, I can see how people could get into it. I think there’s definitely an audience for these apps. Also, I could envision myself using a mobile app to draft a post or to just get some thoughts down on the page. I dunno, guess I’d have to try it out more.

  2. says

    I totally agree with Andrew. I have the WP app for my Iphone and I use it very sparingly as I want to send out a short post. But If I am gonna post I am gonna be in front of my computer.

  3. Scott Magdalein says

    1. One of the best video walkthroughs of a complicated mobile app I’ve seen.
    2. This app beats iPhone’s WP app hands-down.
    3. Blogging from your phone sucks unless you’re publishing Posterous-style “articles”. Short, to-the-point, and plenty of media.
    4. I wonder if WP’s mobile app releases are more of an attempt to remain relevant as a blogging platform and not slip too deeply into “WP as a CMS” only. Also, I’d imagine it helps them compete with the likes of Tumblr and Posterous.

  4. George says

    I have it on my curve. I will have to say I am a fan. I don’t put out too many posts but with me on the move constantly without a set time to be at my computer it works great. I use it constantly when I have a sec to sit and think and get out those short one paragraph posts. I guess that would change if I had set times to be in front of the computer.

  5. NickShoe says

    I think we’re already kinda there- at least as far as “mobile blogging” is concerned. The reality is that networks like Tumblr and, yes, Twitter have brought blogging to the masses.
    Will we ever see in-depth blogging like the reviews or highlights we’ll see here from mobile platforms? IDK.
    But I think we, the community of ΓΌber-tech-peeps that we are, need to remember that as such we represent a smaller part of the population at large and not necessarily Joe Six-pack.
    The reality is that 5th Avenue is still marketing to the common denominator. Yes- most people have a computer, but their use for them rarely goes beyond checking email and getting on facebook.
    Blogging, for most, is the area between the status update and the “I’m a writer”.
    Bottom line folks- WordPress for Blackberry isn’t for most of us on here. And that’s INTENTIONAL. (But it’s still kinda cool.) :)


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