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A Christian farmer from the UK has planted a maze with some of John 14:6, when Jesus answers to Thomas’s question, “How can we know the way,” with “I am the way, the truth and the life.”

It’s planted out of ‘thousands’ of willow trees that if laid out end to end would be over a mile! It’s not really a true maze, as you can walk about openly in it, but is still very cool!

The farmer, Peter Gunner, has now made it into local and national news, here in the UK, with his horticultural handiwork!

Mr Gunner mapped out the maze (which takes up over seven acres) on a computer and had to be a bit creative, using the @ symbol instead of “the”. The willow trees were planted with the help of local volunteers.

Friends, family and people from the local church to use the maze and there is a public footpath running alongside it. It only came to notice in 2005 when a police officer neighbour gave him a picture taken from a helicopter. But it’s now making the news as it can be seen on Google Maps!

Mr Gunner said:

“The idea just came to me one day. I am not even sure why I chose that part of the Bible, other than Jesus is saying a lot about himself in that passage.

“In a way the maze is a lot like life: nobody knows what it looks like from above. You can wander through life confused when in fact it does make sense from a different perspective.”

“Every time I see a plane go over I look at it and say a little prayer. I hope that somebody sees it and feels inspired by it.”

You can find out more about the Maze on The Daily Telegraph and The Daily Mail websites and also see it on Google Maps!

Do you know any church or ministry that’s done anything visible on Google Maps?

What could churches and ministries do?

[Image via Google Maps]


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