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Bible Bloom app

Bible Bloom app

[Editor’s Note: We’re giving away 5 copies of Bible Bloom!]

I know, I know … another Bible app.

Who needs another Bible app, right?

That’s what I thought, too, but then I tried it.

Bible Bloom

I was genuinely impressed by Bible Bloom.

Sure, the space is dominated by the free app YouVersion, but Bible Bloom did offer some extras that might just make it worth the $2.

Features include:

  • User-friendly Bible reading interface.
  • Prayer packs to help focus your prayer time.
  • Church packs — free prayer guides written for a specific church and city
  • Offline access to your Bible translations.
  • Bookmarks.
  • Reminders!

Bible Bloom is new to the game, so you this is probably the first you’ve heard about it.

I found Bible Bloom to be a beautiful looking experience. It’s very fluid and easy to use. I found myself drawn in to it. It sounds a little weird as I see what I’ve written, but that’s really what I felt. Bible Bloom is the best looking Bible reading app I’ve seen. I would say it looked almost as good as Prayer Notebook, my favorite religious app.

As for translations, it’s a little thin, but it looks like more will be added for a fee. I found the included translations to be enough, after all, I’m not using it for hardcore study. One feature that really jumped out to me, however, were the Church Packs:

“Church Packs are prayer guides written for a specific church and city. With Church Packs, church leaders can implement an innovative strategy to engage their congregation and city in prayer. We partner with church leaders to author and distribute custom prayer packs to their church FOR FREE because we believe part of our calling as a company is to equip the kingdom of God with scripture and to inspire them to pray.”



Learn more on the Bible Bloom website and purchase it directly from iTunes.


We’re giving away 5 copies of Bible Bloom!

Cool, I know. :)

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    I’m so excited about trying this app out. I’m all for new apps that give me different features. I’m blessed to have this site. It’s my go to when I want to check stuff out. God bless. @vjmagix

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