Bible Audio Pronunciations

Bible Pronunciations App

We’ve all come across those crazy names and words in the Bible that no one but Bible scholars seem to know how to pronounce.

Here’s an iOS app that changes that!

This is a must-have app for pastors, teachers and students alike!

With Bible Audio Pronunciations, you can hear helpful audio recordings of 3,780 challenging words, names, and places. Continually updated, this app will ultimately contain every proper noun in in the Bible!

Here are some of the other Bible Audio Pronunciations features:

  • Helpful audio recordings – Hear spoken pronunciations for 3,780 Bible words and names, as well as important church and historical leaders.
  • Easy to use – Just tap the word and hear a helpful recording of it read aloud.
  • Experience the Bible in a new way – This app helps you understand and enjoy more.
  • Share with others – Perfect for reading the Bible together.
  • Additional research tools – Use the direct links within the app for more information.


Bible Pronunciations App

Bible Pronunciations App

For only $2, you can hardly go wrong!

Learn more and download from the Apple App Store.

(Stay tuned Android users, it’s coming to the Android soon!)


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    • Donna Sansom says

      I’ve been looking for an app that will let me hear how a word is pronounced correctly. Both bibical and other words. I would like to be able to use it on my Blackberry and laptop. Can you help me? My Sunday school teacher is even unsure of the pronunciation of some bibical words, espically names and places. Definitions would help too.

  1. Jim Combs says

    I’m 79 and not keeping up with technology. You say this is for an iPhone. Would that be the same as the Samsung Galaxy S III?

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