Be Here Now. Let Go of Anxiety [Video]

Anxious About the Holidays

I don’t know about you, but the holidays can be a major source of anxiety. From travel plans to unexpected expenses, I have to continually remind myself to enjoy the holidays for all they are worth (that includes the fruit cake).

If you work at a church, you can magnify all that by 100. Sure, it’s great to see dozens of new families show up and to be a part of telling the Gospel story but the endless meetings, deadlines and expectations can easily leave us wishing that it was still summertime. I think we’ve all been there.

I just watched a video from Blaine Hogan about anxiety, and it was the thing I needed today. Perhaps, it could be that for you too.

This was a service element during the 2010 Global Leadership Summit. I cannot even imagine the planning that went into a mixed-medium performance piece like this! You can find out more about Blaine Hogan’s work and connect with him at his blog.

How do you survive the stress of the holidays? 

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Blane Young

Blane is a former Communications Pastor who now works with college students as a Campus Missionary with Chi Alpha at American University. He considers himself to be the second funniest person alive, fairly humble and an incredible chef because he once owned a recipe book for Ramen Noodles. He is happily married and is enjoying adjusting to life in Washington, DC.

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