Becoming a Tentmaker in a Digital World


When I first encountered the internet and the world wide web I had little plans of actually making a living off of it - I was more interested in kicking my brother off our shared AOL account so I could hear the sweet sound, "You Got Mail!" Later I found an exciting full time career building online software for large and small businesses, so the internet became fully a part of my vocational DNA. Although my passion for web and online technologies remained constant, the organizations for ... Continue Reading

Launch of ChurchMag – A Return to Our Roots, Refocus


In the recent months we've done some significant soul-searching, if you will, in regards to our blogs - where we've been, where we want to head, what's worked and what hasn't. To be honest it would take a blog post much longer than this one to go into the significant details (and I hope to in the coming week or so) but here's where we ultimately landed: Refocus. ... Continue Reading

EPIC ChatRoulette Video

diana ChatRoulette is known for being full of naked dudes, so most people avoid it. Therefore it's pretty impressive to see this awesome video of some inventive guys doing something to make someone's day! So romantic! ... Continue Reading