We Love You, Eric!


Eric doesn't know that I am publishing this. In fact, we have hijacked the website just to love on Eric. Below are our own experiences and thoughts of Eric as he has not only run and grown, but also has managed us. He has shown the love to us and to you the readers, so we figured it was time to show him a little love. So without further ado, here are our stories about Eric. ... Continue Reading

The State of Social Media Marketing 2015 [Infographic]

Social Media Marketing 2015 Infographic Top Image

Social media has shifted radically since the beginning of 2014 and the infographic below highlights changes that been made. It should also be noted that some of this data is from January 2015 in which the last 10 months even more changes have happened that I highlight in the bullets below. Again, these are just things of note, not to develop a full social media strategy because of this one infographic. That would be silly. ;) ... Continue Reading

ChurchMag Has Forever Changed My Life


I don't mean for my article's headline to be a hyperbole. I truly mean it. In 2010, I was a youth pastor trying to figure out how to do ministry with an ever more digital generation. In that time, I was, just as you are now, enjoying everything that ChurchMag had to offer as a reader. There was nothing elaborate to what they were creating, yet I found myself having a kinship to their content being all nerdy and what-not. It is because of ChurchMag that I was inspired to take up the craft of ... Continue Reading

The Impact of Google’s New Mobile-Friendly Algorithm [Infographic]

Google Mobile SEO Change - Top Image

Google is constantly changing its search algorithm for a better experience for everyone. Right now, the big push is for mobile search to improve as they just recently had more mobile search than desktop search for the first time ever. So, if your website is not mobile-friendly, expect to have SIGNIFICANTLY less traffic soon. And the traffic you do get, expect your viewers to be mad about the terrible experience. Nothing says don't come to our church like a terrible website you visit before ... Continue Reading

7 Landing Page Flaws That Kill Your Conversions [Infographic]

7 Landing Page Flaws That Kill Your Conversions- Top - Image

The landing page for something you do is important. It is where your viewers go to get more information on a specific part of your blog or ministry. Many people I know have a dedicated social media landing page for when someone clicks through from Twitter to hear more about them. Churches understand this well with specific landing pages for the youth group or service times. If you'd like to give your landing page a critique, I have some flaws that show up regularly in the infographic ... Continue Reading

My Custom Computer + Full Specs [Case Study]


We left off with our custom PC build last at a total of $868.28 of our $1,200 budget with the expectation of spending another $300 in a few months. We need to factor in shipping, a SATA cable that was missing from my hard drive, and our operating system (Windows 10 via USB stick). Which means our total for the whole project comes out at $1154.20, the perfect amount. In case you wanted to see it, here is the full specs of the PC (click the links for further details). ... Continue Reading

You Need A Social Media Calendar (and How to Make One) [Infographic]

Social Media Calendar - Top Image

At this point in the digital era, I naturally assume you are on social media. If you read this blog and like my personal content, then I assume you are on multiple platforms and probably post content regularly. This means that you need to develop a social media calendar. The point of this is to have a thought out short-term strategy to make the most effective and complete coverage of your content for your ministry. Here are three great facts from the infographic below to help you create your ... Continue Reading