The Process of Good Ideas [Infographic]


Ask Eric who has way too many ideas and he may sigh and mention my name. That is where I thrive. I have had more ideas in my life than time to even consider how to expound on them, let alone make half of them into something. I am not detail oriented and I love to have no limits when I think. The tough part is when I have to come back to reality and look at what resources I have at my disposal and find myself being able to lock in. The infographic below has some great tips for not only ... Continue Reading

LEGO Star Destroyer Shattered at 1000 FPS [Video]

imperial star wars legos - image

I love Star Wars and I love LEGOS. So the fact that I have LEGO Star Wars sitting on my night stand at home is no surprise. That being said, for those that have the same love, what you are about to see may disturb you. I joke, but only in part. Here are the stats shared in the video: The LEGO Super Star Destroyer cost $800 It took 3 people 16 hours to construct The footage is filmed at 100 frames per second to maximize destruction. Now for the destruction (and tears). ... Continue Reading

UnProgrammed: 03 Ask For Help When You Don’t Know

Ask For Help When You Don't Know

There is a theorem in Computer Science called "Ask An Expert," which unlike other theorems that rely on algorithms and experiments, this one simply relies on focusing on finding the answer instead of trying to figure it out. My experience with church tech social media groups and forums is that we love to talk, but can't stand to ask and listen. I wonder if we could do this better? ... Continue Reading

When Is the Best Time to Be Creative? [Infographic]


Creativity is the gold that seems to be so elusive in the short term. I find myself with tons of creativity over periods of time, but I typically need it now, not in the future. So the question is, “How do we create moments of creativity?” Writers, artists, musicians, and others have fought over "do it early in the morning" or "wait until the stars are out at night." But which is the best time to be creative? ... Continue Reading

7 Data-Backed Tips for Sending Better Emails [Infographic]


Email is my second favorite way of communicating, just under face-to-face. It is my digital version of my mental memory, as I can go back and search for old conversations, and unlike Slack or G+ hangouts, it is actually organized. The question though, is it best to use emails? Are you actually wasting people's time? Are you doing email more efficiently than others and need to dumb down how you approach emailing? Here are some key points I got out of the infographic below. ... Continue Reading

Connecting Your Church Website Offline


This seems like a silly thought to have now that it is 2015, but I will say it so no assumptions have to be made. A digital ministry’s home base and main platform should always be their church website. Social networking platforms are absolutely important for reaching out to congregation members and communities that churches are in, but you should have limited expectations of what can be done on these platforms. ... Continue Reading

Everything Is Awesome Is Real [Video]


You may think you being Will Ferrell's character in the LEGO Movie is just a dream and you may be envious of KC Proctor as he posts a new LEGO photo on social media nearly every single day. But the truth is, there is a real person out there with a basement full of organized LEGOS and I am excited about it! ... Continue Reading

Church Tech, Please Serve with Excellence [Video]


If you were on the Interwebs at all in March, you probably came across this YouTube video that went viral, sadly for all the wrong reasons. The description of the YouTube clip shares this: Candace Dold tosses to Traffic Jam Jimmy during a traffic report Thursday morning...only to find him in the McDonald's drive-through. He's given up. The tech has become about him. There may be burnout. Check out the video after the jump and I'd love to hear in the comments: How does your church technology ... Continue Reading

Why Your Church Should Avoid the $10,000 Google Grants

10000 Google Grant

If you have been on the church tech scene on the Internet for the last month, you would have seen a lot of different articles popping up about how your church could get a sweet $10,000 per month of free Google Adwords for your church website. promoted it, NilsSmith shared it, and even Josh Burns of Social Media Academy did a whole webinar on it. This is nothing new. I had actually written about this two years ago on my old personal site how I had helped my missionary organization ... Continue Reading

Social Media Shortcuts [Infographic]

keyboard shortcuts - social media image

A study came out a while ago that keyboard interactions are faster than mouse interactions. So naturally, if we can have shortcut keys for everything in our life, we can be more and more productive. Social media is no different, so the infographic below shows off all of the shortcut keys available for you to use and get your most effective tweets, likes, pluses, and plays as possible. ... Continue Reading