How to Increase Volunteer Sign-Ups [Infographic]

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I don't believe in a lot of life hacks for people because many people are simply using cognitive behavioral tricks that temporarily change their thought patterns which do not generalize into a "it will work for you too" mentality. But the infographic below is not just a life hack, but something that has been scientifically provide which companies like Starbucks and Apple have done to make a fortune. So even the doubter in me is taking note. Churches, apply this to your website and bulletins. ... Continue Reading

Evernote Is My Favorite Long Form Writing App

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For all things simple, including my ChurchMag​ infographic articles, quick opinion pieces, and inspirational video posts, I simply use the WordPress​ native app. Easy, and so distraction free, that anything else would be silly. But I have been getting into longer form articles (read 700+ words) as well as ebooks (9,000+ words) which require something more. Microsoft Word is not cloud-oriented (I don't have Office 365) and WordPress has been known to lose too many documents if you take too long ... Continue Reading

Email in Real Life [Video]

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Tripp and Tyler are Christian comedy legends and have a deep understanding of technology in the workplace, specifically with churches. So the following video below is perfect, noting that some of the most important conversations or emotional conflicting communications should not be done with emails. With my own fat fingers, I think I have to agree. Especially on mobile devices. I will undo their advertisement at the end and just say to go visit their office and have that conversation in person. ... Continue Reading

How’s Your Email Working for You? [Infographic]

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Email might be the primary source of communications for your work environment. The problem is that this form of communication is like delivering letters. It has lots of failure points which could cost your company lots of time and money. With all of that being said, I wonder how much of this is overblown because of bad communication skills overall. So, is email communication due to digital problems or personal? What about for your church or business? Check out the infographic below and let ... Continue Reading

UnProgrammed: 04 My One Blogging Hack

My One Blogging Hack

I'm not a life hack kind of guy typically, but this blogging hack is my slip of a strategy to not only get great content out to you, but also to keep going when I am super busy in life. So that one hour I did today has already been started when I had the idea half-baked... ... Continue Reading

How to Structure a Perfect SEO Optimized Page [Infographic]

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SEO is a fickle little mistress that if you let it, will dominate how you blog and ultimately operate a digital ministry. Yet, if you say "content is why I blog," but ignore it, you may find yourself writing for an audience of one. And while that one may be God, which is great, it doesn't do much for the Kingdom in an evangelistic and discipleship role. So we must play the game. With that being said, I have isolated three tips which will be easy to implement for your church or personal blog to ... Continue Reading

Know Where to Share [Infographic]

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When I did social media and digital consulting for churches, one of my favorite things to experience when we first were creating their digital strategy was the different types of mediums they were already creating as well as allow them to dream what they want to do beyond their current adventures in communication. I always started with their strengths in a strategy and push them to see what else they could do. So if the church and staff are great at photography, videography, blogging, or ... Continue Reading

#TextsFromMom [Video]

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This last Mother's day, @SamsungMobileUS developed a unique comedy video with the side benefit of showing off their phones. The humor is a great rehashing of autocorrect fails we see all the time or older generations missing the boat on new technology. I wonder if there is some great ministry application here, whether to just show off a parody of this video at church as part of the church tech ministry, or letting this be a lead in opportunity for churches to get a foot into the door with ... Continue Reading

YouTube Is 10 Years Old [Video]

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I love YouTube and am trying to integrate most of what I do online with it. Whether it is my personal channel I'm starting up with quick videos, the UnProgrammed series, the Minecraft Theology series or another couple of ideas in the pipeline, it is a platform you simply cannot ignore. A lot of other performers have found a great platform in YouTube for their craft. Some of my favorite Christians online include: Skit Guys Relevant Magazine Dude Perfect Of course, there is more. ... Continue Reading