The Building Blocks of Personal Branding [Infographic]

building blocks

For the first time in 70 years, Youth for Christ went through a huge rebranding, changing the entire logo and tagline for the ministry from its original design when Billy Graham was our first staff person. I personally have been lucky enough to be a part of the process as we cast vision for the next 70 years and continue to reach lost teens for the sake of the Gospel. So when I saw this infographic on branding, I knew I had to use it and then share it with all of you. Below is a list of 26 ... Continue Reading

Tech Wreck Tuesday #18: When Does The Bleeding Stop

audio gain

So I became inspired by my buddy Eric Dye with his ChurchMag Podcast and the idea of communicating across a medium that is not only versatile, but actually quite great to consume if done well. I am always up for trying something new with communicating a message to people and working on improving my craft. So I decided to try out my own version of a podcast with my Level Up Podcast. ... Continue Reading

Secrets of a Killer Blog Post [Infographic]


The joys of blogging can also be some of the biggest pains. My first month of writing posts I found myself feverishly writing down everything I could put on the web. By month three, I was slowing down. But month six, I was wondering why I was not getting traffic and if maybe it was me. (Hint: it was) Many bloggers have a passion that pursued them to blog. Even us at ChurchMag are under the banner of Christian nerds and geeks. But passion alone will not make a blog a success. This is not another ... Continue Reading

The Anatomy of A Great Sermon [Infographic]


As a blogger, I have found a new passion for writing. I have found my own type of writing, explored new mediums which has brought about other passions for sharing my messages, and even challenged myself to write 70 page eBooks. Yet, for every challenge that the blogging process brings, writing a sermon can be just as hard. I know this because I did youth ministry for eight years and while the Internet is a tough critic, they have nothing on the ADHD attention spans of middle schoolers and the ... Continue Reading

Super Mario Destroyed My House [Video]


How cool would it be for a Mario game to come to life? Honestly, I would settle for a completed Mario AR iPhone or Android app that was completely playable (Kind of hints to Google's April Fool's Pokemon Maps). But the video below probably depicts what would really happen to our fragile world if Koopa, Mario, and all of Nintendo's characters came for a visit: ... Continue Reading

5 Ways To Get More Guest Posts On Your Blog

guest cat blogger

There is no doubt that guest posting is one of the best ways to get great content for your blog with minimal effort. In fact, many times, the quality can rival your own. I have been on both sides of guest blogging, writing for others and receiving guest posts on my own blog. In fact, when I first wanted to write for ChurchMag, I had asked if I could get post on here for free. This article is not to debate if guest posting is helpful for you (it is), what you should expect from guest posting ... Continue Reading

Corporate Digital Marketing: Hitting the True Goal

Corporate Digital Marketing - Hitting the True Goal

Some would say that the goal of digital marketing is website traffic, social media likes, reshares and engagement, or just a general improvement of brand. While these are all good things and stuff that should be sought by any digital marketer regardless of your company's dealings, for churches and ministries, this is not the ultimate goal. The focus up to this point has been how to do digital marketing corporately, as opposed to individually and noting the differences that come with it. What we ... Continue Reading

Google’s Roadmap to World Domination [Infographic]


When you talk about the company of Google, you are now talking about more than just the search engine that was created more than two decades ago. In fact, you are talking about more than just an online company with email, search, maps, social media, and online video. Hopefully for many ministries, this is your main platform you use for creating and sharing documents, connecting with other people, and engaging with your audience in a variety of different ways. It offers a free alternative to ... Continue Reading

Double Your Facebook Likes In Just 5 Minutes Per Day [Infographic]

Facebook account1

Normally I post infographics because I love the facts that they bring to ChurchMag readers. This will not be one of those posts. Instead, I would like to refer to this infographic as the LIES that people tell for you to engage with social media. "It only takes 5 minutes." "You can connect with millions for your brand." "Just get them to retweet you and you will see huge success." "What you need to do is go viral." No, what you need to do is put in the elbow grease to create great content, ... Continue Reading

Stuff Church Techies Say: I Need Tech Close By

- I Need Tech At My Hand Always

For the average American, a phone is probably no more than 50 yards away from themselves at all times. For a techie, an Internet-connected device is probably within arms reach. For the Church techie, you are probably the first and last line of defense for security, hardware failure, and software mess ups that you need to be at least aware of what is happening with your church tech. I have personally lived this out as well. While this has been something that to this point I can justify the tech ... Continue Reading