The Mobile Landscape [Infographic]

mobile touch screen - close up

Youth pastors know this, hippers may know this, and parents with kids know that mobile devices are not the future, they are now. For churches, a mobile device should be more than a phone, it's the device to inform parents that their child in daycare is upset. It's the best communication tool for students in youth groups. And it is an untapped possible way of getting people to instantly engage with your community and congregation outside of Sunday and Wednesday nights. ... Continue Reading

A Church with No Tech Volunteers [Video]

No Tech Volunteers Screencap

I have advocated over and over the idea of doing church technology leadership that would include not only training and encouraging volunteers and staff teams, but supporting and honoring them in many different ways. Chip Dizard has gone out of his way to do just that for several of his team members specifically and the whole team in general at his church. The best part about this, the church staff jumped on board and gave what seems authentic words of thanks and appreciation for ... Continue Reading

Tracking Content Marketing ROI [Infographic]

what are you valuing online

Having done digital content marketing with social media, blogging, and advertising on Google Adwords, tracking content marketing ROI is NOT an easy thing and could take as much or more of your time than creating the actual ads themselves. For those that do not understand ROI, it stands for "Return On Investment." Let me be clear, no one has been able to nail down the perfect ROI and with walled web platforms like Facebook and Google SSH search results, it is getting harder to do. That being ... Continue Reading

Are You Making Star Wars or Star Trek Content?


The war of the nerds between Star Wars and Star Trek has always been goofy (though having enjoyed both programs, I guess I get it). But the infographic below takes this difference in programming and created worlds and puts a unique spin on it for those that create content for websites or social media. Be warned, we are entering extra nerdy here. The question then is, which are you: a Star Wars or Star Trek content creator? ... Continue Reading

Church Tech Confessionals [Video]

Church Tech Confessions Top

The following video was made by Grace Church and there is not much more details to go with it, but this video encapsulates so much that I see in church tech. Of course, the video is made tongue and cheek for the humor factor, but there is an element of truth behind every one of the statements made. I wonder how many churches have departments that do not play well together, are not polite to their church techies, and look down on the volunteers and staff. ... Continue Reading

Should the Church Invest in Cloud Computing? [Infographic]

cloud-computing-infographic thumb

This is not the digital land of the 1990's when software came on CDs in the mail, we were limited to software options between only a couple of digital giants, and updates were seemingly non-existent. Now computing is making a huge shift from your local machine to this thing we call “the cloud”. So what does this mean for churches? Should we be looking at investing more of our time in cloud computing? ... Continue Reading

7 Reasons You Need to Go Mobile [Infographic]

it is time to go mobile

Mobile phones have come such a long ways, from the car phone that is iconic with Michael Douglas in the 1987 film Wall Street to Zac Morris's mobile brick on Save by the Bell, we now have iPhones that have more hard drive space and better computing power than any desktop computer in the 80's and early 90's. With this comes the ability for your church to connect with your staff, congregation, and community, whether through the Internet, texting, or other mobile applications. It does not matter ... Continue Reading

Are Facebook Pages Still Worth It? [Infographic]


If you are someone that has any vested interested in social media for your ministry, you may have heard that you need to go all in with Facebook because their are now 1.23 billion active people on there. Then you might have also heard that it is worthless to even try because if you do it all wrong, you could put all that time and effort into creating a great page only to reach 2-3% of your audience, where other social networks you can reach more people easily. Then others state that you should ... Continue Reading

What Do We Do About Digital Church Gossip?

digital church gossip - did you hear

I have worked with several different churches as the youth director for eight years of my life. In that time, I have grown to love and hate the church environment as a full-time staff person. The one thing that has made me jaded above everything else is the church gossip. What started out as simply telling rumors about fellow congregation members over coffee and donuts, made a startling change to gossiping via prayer requests. The idea that we share other people's business that we probably do ... Continue Reading

The Compartmentalized Social Media Life

ice cube lego guy

I don't know about you, but the saying that “every social media is like the next” is not true for me. They may have similar functions, but the audience as much as the form of the network has influenced how I use it. Here is how I have compartmentalized my own social media use and I'd love to see how yours compares: ... Continue Reading