Minecraft Theology: 10 Stayin Frosty

Stayin Frosty

In this Minecraft Theology episode, we are gathering ice for a personal project I have for my base, and I did not have any. While I'm in the snow biome, I discuss some conversations I have on what it means to be in a Christian marriage, including some practical ideas of how to do marriage better. What are your thoughts on Christianity and marriage? ... Continue Reading

How Our Favorite Websites Have Changed Over The Years [Video]

Old Yahoo Browser Image

Buzzfeed shared a great video a couple of weeks back that looked at archive screenshots of what the web looked like years ago. It makes me think about my first ever website which the landing page still exists, but nothing beyond that. It also utilizes JavaScript that would be considered malware now because it automatically redirected, but that's how programming has progressed. I'd love to see your first website if it is still up or if you have screenshots of iterations as they have ... Continue Reading

Should Churches Use Periscope for Live Streaming?

Periscope Live Streaming

Periscope is the live video streaming app which Twitter launched last year in response to their competitor Meerkat. In just one button click, you are live streaming to your Twitter followers who can tweet questions, comments, and show love to the streamer. Unlike other video platforms like Vine, YouTube, and others, you immediately connect with them. I've seen a couple of people discuss what Periscope is and how it could be utilized in ministry. Dave Shrien and Ryan Bilello talk about the ... Continue Reading

UnProgrammed: 05 Creating Vs Exploiting Content

Creating Versus Exploiting Content

When you create content, you are drawing from a well of inspiration, whether it is photography, videography, or blogging. That's tough because you are starting from scratch. The alternative is that you take news and talk about it, even though you do not know much about it. And you blog because it's a hot topic and exploit this "you must click it" article. What are your thoughts? Am I overreacting? ... Continue Reading

Should Christians Try To Be An Expert Online?

CM-Online Expert

I struggle with words like "expert," "guru," and any other word that makes me seem more intelligent than others on a specific topic. But I do think that it is possible. Yet, I feel many people online, especially Christians, are trying to be experts in areas they are not. Roll with me on this. The world of social media is where everybody has a platform and we start to assume that we can just call ourselves experts. Ask someone who will win the Superbowl this year, get an Apple or Android device, ... Continue Reading

Youth Ministry Video Idea [Video]

If SIRI Was Your Mom Screener

The Daily Dot has a great article on YouTube that they posted for Mother's Day noting how Siri is a great tool but definitely comes off as a machine. While watching this video, I think that their is a great youth ministry video idea that the church technology ministry could parody off of this. Think about it, create a Siri recap video of a bunch of great moments from the year, a hilarious camp rules video that Siri miscommunicates, or simply a fun skit that leads into having a better ... Continue Reading

Social Media Security Pranks [Video]

Online Privacy Buzzfeed - Screener

The Buzzfeed video below is definitely entertaining, so do watch it for fun sake at least. But there is a grain of truth here that I want to challenge all church communication staff and volunteers. Replace these individuals who have allowed themselves to be discovered with your congregation. You take a photo of your youth at camp having fun. That photo pops up on your church site without family permission and the father in a custody battle finds it. Trouble ensues. You highlight a ... Continue Reading

5 Uses of YouVersion​ at Our Church


My church has been using YouVersion as our primary digital bulletin on Sunday mornings. Some churches only use their website or have a dedicated app specifically for their church, but we went with the Bible App. It's not just a Bible on your phone. No, if you use the Live feature, it can become your link to online giving, Life group questions, announcements, introduction of the speaker, and Bible verses with the bonus of social media sharing within the congregation. We love the app. Below is ... Continue Reading

Minecraft: Let’s Play #4 – Prank Wars Begin

04 Prank Wars Begins

I will admit that in three months of being on a Minecraft server, I (Jeremy) expected at least one prank to have been pulled. So I take it upon myself not to prank one person on the server, but everyone. Expect more to come from this, this is only the beginning. What prank should I pull next and on whom? ... Continue Reading