How to Get More Engagement with Your Visual Content [Infographic]


I love visual content. I constantly experiment with different mediums because honestly, they communicate more than words. An image with a smiling face means more than a 200 word testimony. And a video demonstrating worship or God's grace during your baptism will have me tearing up if I see your tone, body language, and general presence about a situation. Truly, words are effective, but can you do more with your online content? Can you give intentionality and purpose with it? The infographic ... Continue Reading

By The Numbers [eBook Release]

By the Numbers BG

Helping a church create a digital presence strategy started the same basic way every time I went about it. Generally I would meet with the senior pastor and the person who would run the account. Before I had met with them, I would have send an email before hand of an assessment of what they had, what they wanted to gain, what they wanted to avoid, and the resources they were going to devote to it. The discussion would then cover concerns I might find if expectations were too simple or outside ... Continue Reading

Organize Your Desk to Be Happier and Healthier [Infographic]

sticky notes desk with computer

There is not much to this infographic like I normally do, where I draw out key points and such. But as a blogger who values desktop space, I loved this. Over the years I have tried to do desktops in a variety of situations. What I know I like personally is post-it notes everywhere as reminders, my coffee cup, and whiteboard marker within arms reach, but little more. What does your desktop look like? ... Continue Reading

9 Most Powerful Blog Promotion Tactics [Infographic]


I will be honest, I hold to these strategies closely, not because they are good tactics, but because this is about intentionality. You have to make the jump from these tactics as businesses to ministry because they want to achieve different things. But the strategy of being intentional can easily span that gap. So below is an infographic of nine ideas and thirty-six individual ideas for great blog promotion. Here are my top three favorites: ... Continue Reading

ChurchMag Author Quotes #1


We are beginning to take a new strategy with social media, reworking some of the great content we post all of the time into new mediums. Below I have put some of the best articles of 2015 to this point in inspirational quote images to be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others. Enjoy and share with your friends! [Clicking the image will take you to the source article.] ... Continue Reading

Connecting with Millennials [Infographic]

connecting with mill

I am of the Millennial generation which is full of wanting to know the individual, helping the world get better, and "supposedly self-indulged." This group of people are currently 21-38 and not only coming into the marketplace as the focus of most businesses, but the generation of leaders to make big waves for the Church. The question is church, are you connecting with them? If you are not online, then I think I can easily say no. ... Continue Reading

Email Marketing vs Social Media [Infographic]


My own personal experience is that social media has great potential to give a church tons of traffic and exposure for their church, but it takes a lot of experience and effort to get there. Further, viral is not something to be achieved because you cannot predict it. Email on the other hand? Consistent, effective, and reliable. Want to get on the ChurchMag newsletter? Sign up here. ... Continue Reading

Sensible Social Media Checklist [Infographic]

Sensible Social Media Checklist

We already have a blog checklist for you to go over before every blog article you post, so it makes sense to go to the next level and improve your social media accounts as well. It should be noted that this is created to improve everything on your social media presence, not just your posts, so as to connect with others better. My suggestion? Go through this checklist yourself and see where you can invest a little bit of time for a lot bigger results: ... Continue Reading

Top 5 Web Trends of 2015 [Infographic]

Top 5 Web Trends Infographic Top

Church websites are coming a long way and with the help of a great guide by Jonathan Malm on Rethinking Your Church Website Strategy, your ministry has a great chance of creating something amazing for your digital audience. But 2015 has some challenges that have to be overcome to keep up with the competition and stay relevant online. Here are some of what I believe are the most important stats online: ... Continue Reading

The State of Content Marketing in 2015 [Infographic]

The State of Content Marketing in 2015 Image

Content marketing is the intentional decision to create content that reaches readers in order to drive them back to your platform so you can engage them. That means for businesses, you write amazing articles to get people to then buy stuff from you. As churches, this is also available to you, but for the Gospel. Content marketing can come from blogs, social media, newsletters, podcasts, and more, but it focuses on making yourself the expert and creating an established audience. Here are the ... Continue Reading