Gmail Tricks to Keep You On Track [Video]

buzzfeed video snag - gmail image

Are you a GMail user? Looking to be more effective with your time and clean up your inbox? I use the service daily either in browser or on my phone and know I am not doing the best I can with my process. Buzzfeed actually has a bunch of tips for you to do better with your account. What tips did they miss that you'd like to share? ... Continue Reading

The Best Motherboard & Processor for Computer [Case Study]

The Brains PC Build Case Study - Image

This is the fourth article in a series where I am looking at finding the best desktop PC I can build for myself in $1,200 or less with a small monthly budget to improve it as we go. In the last article I showed off the case I wanted for my PC as well as accessories I planned to get. At this point, I have used up $132.95 of my $1,200 budget. Now to get to the heart and brains of this PC. ... Continue Reading

Ultimate Guide to Creating Visually Appealing Content [Infographic]


If you are posting on social media or doing any kind of other communication for your church to the congregation and community, the content of what you are presenting is important, but it is not necessarily all about the words you post. Visually appealing content, while more an art than science, is necessary in how we communicate. Whether it is an announcement video, the bulletins we hand out, or the social media post we share, we need to be cognizant of the impact design and creativity has on ... Continue Reading

Which Is Harder To Use: Mac or PC? [Video]

Mac Vs Windows  CM Image

If you read my social media posts or listened to a ChurchMag podcast where I give my opinions on Mac, Android, and PC, you know that I do not have great love for Macs and Apple. But are PCs the great up and comer? Are Macs just that good? Buzzfeed tackles this question, I believe, fairly well. But I want to hear from you, if you can leave your bias at the door. Which is easier to use: Macs or PCs? ... Continue Reading

Nerdy Illustrative Optical Illusions [Pictures]

CM Graphic - Milking Large

I am a fan of great optical illusions, so when they become funny and nerdy, I absolutely have to share them. I actually found these a couple of months ago but have been terrible about cleaning out my "need to blog" folder. I have only included some of them, but you can see the full collection over at Bored Panda. So hopefully this gives you a smile for your day and gives you a push to finish out the week strongly and creatively. Keep going! ... Continue Reading

The Best Case for My Desktop Computer [Case Study]

computer cases that are awesome

This is the third article in a series where I am looking at finding the best desktop PC I can build for myself in $1,200 or less with a small monthly budget to improve it as we go. The last article, I showed off the standing desk I got on a budget which is the perfect setup. So where do we go from here? For some people, it's all about the CPU. Others it's about the video card. For me, it's being practical with the best case that is actually going to house this whole thing. I'll have a couple of ... Continue Reading

How Long Have You Lived, Doctor? [Infographic]


You a fan of Doctor Who? We are too and with the new season beginning today, we figured we would celebrate with some fun Doctor Who greatness. This one features the full airtime each doctor reincarnation has had. The shortest is the 8th doctor before it went off air for a time at 1 hour and 4 minutes and the longest was the 4th doctor at 71 hours and 37 minutes. Which of the doctors is your favorite? ... Continue Reading

Want A Doctor Who Phone Background? How About 13? [Pictures]


Let me just say up front that these images were not originally to be used as a phone wallpaper, but I have decided to share them as such. They are actually part of a 12 doctor story series of children's books you can see here. But I have made them my own. Catch them all after the jump. I've intentionally posted them out of order, can you figure out which outfit goes with which doctor? ... Continue Reading

Finding My Best Computer Desk [Case Study]


A month and half ago I put together an article on here looking at how to create my dream computer and stated that I would be doing this. Then life happened, doctor's visits, and the cash that would have been there was gone. But I'm back and I'm ready to begin this process. This is going to be my whole process documented for critique by the Internet, because the Internet is always nice. Right? But before we get into the actual computer, I don't have any place to put it and need to get myself an ... Continue Reading