Drive Conference 2011 Is Here!


I have the privilege of working back stage at this year's Drive conference hosted at North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, GA. This conference is customized to be a one-stop conference for all levels of your church staff. From senior pastor to administrative assistants to youth workers, there really is something for all the key roles in your church. If you're attending this year, and you're looking for a bunch of theory-craft, dogma, and untested ideological absolutes then you've come to ... Continue Reading

Inspiration: Star Wars Meets Stained Glass

Bounty Hunter

Coming up with new and interesting concepts for your creative projects week after week can be a challenge! No worries, we here at ChurchCreate are constantly scouring the Interwebs for artistic excellence (and Star Wars fan art)! On tap this morning is a collection of beautiful polygonal portraits of Star Wars characters by Liam Brazier. If there was a physical "Church" of Star Wars, surely the stained glass windows would look something like this. ... Continue Reading

Wait, There’s an App to Monitor Beanstalk Repos?


Let's raise the bar on this whole taking your work with you culture, shall we? It turns out that there are not one, but two different iPhone apps that integrate with Beanstalk, allowing you to monitor activity in your Beanstalk repositories, interact a bit, and even keep an eye on deployments. ... Continue Reading

It Lives! Verizon iPhone 4 Confirmed

This was just live-blogged on Engadget, the Verizon iPhone 4 finally pulls a Pinocchio! Great line from Lowell Macadam, "If the press write something long enough, eventually it comes true. We're very very excited about our announcement today." Very cool! UPDATE: $199 for the 16GB, $299 for 32GB -- mobile hotspot included! Up to 5 devices. ... Continue Reading

Paint Like a Commodore 64 on Your iPad


If you wanted to be a digital artist in 1986 your canvas was small and your palette was smaller. But sometimes our limitations create the perfect conditions to birth genius, don't they? Case in point, The Last Ninja. Memories. Care to try your hand at such inspirational digital artistry? Now you, too, can get your "sprite" on. ... Continue Reading

Let the Verizon iPhone Frenzy Begin


Some time between 11am and noon today the long rumored, thought-to-be mythical creature known as the Verizon iPhone 4 will be announced. A small, exclusive group of invitation-only live bloggers will scribe the information to the rest of us. Engadget already has the page up, I'll be hanging out there. ... Continue Reading

CinemaView 24" LCD Takes Aim at Apple


A point of frustration for many Apple customers is their display offering. Basically, you can have any size Apple LED Cinema Display, as long as it's 27". Or more to the point, you can buy an Apple display on any budget, as long as you have $1000. Hat tip to Henry Ford. But when you leave a gapping hole in your market offering, it doesn't take long before someone tries to spackle in that bad boy. Enter, the CinemaView 24" Apple "Clone". ... Continue Reading

Your Church Website Needs One Thing


This article is for anyone responsible for a church website. Whether you own the whole thing, are on the committee that oversees it, or you have a voice of influence in this area. Please join me in an exercise that will help make your church website better. Because my guess is that your site is missing one very important thing. Every church is different so in order for this to be helpful to you specifically, I will need your interactive participation. Jump out of Google Reader for this one. ... Continue Reading