Be Here Now. Let Go of Anxiety [Video]

Anxious About the Holidays

I don't know about you, but the holidays can be a major source of anxiety. From travel plans to unexpected expenses, I have to continually remind myself to enjoy the holidays for all they are worth (that includes the fruit cake). If you work at a church, you can magnify all that by 100. Sure, it's great to see dozens of new families show up and to be a part of telling the Gospel story but the endless meetings, deadlines and expectations can easily leave us wishing that it was still ... Continue Reading

The $10,000 Question

$10000 Cash

Now, don't get too excited. We are not giving away any money. But I once heard a piece of advice that went something like this, "When you are talking to an innovative leader, don't try to find out what they know. Try to learn how they think." Over the years, I've come to respect and appreciate the community around ChurchMag for many reasons. One of which was that it was full of people that were willing to share their expertise and give advice. So, I'm here to learn today. If your creative ... Continue Reading

A Podcast About Social Media, Internet Campuses & Online Ministry


It is nearly impossible to define DJ Chuang. He's tech-savvy and passionate about the possibilities of online ministry. I didn't know this until recently, but he has yet another claim to fame: he created the first webpage dedicated to the teachings of Timothy Keller. Well, he's at it again (or better yet, he's continually at it) with a podcast called "Social Media Church". ... Continue Reading

Christmas. The Perfect Time For…A Prank? [Video]

Image 2012-11-19 at 2.32.45 PM

Let's not pretend that none of us have thought of this before. It's the classic, box-in-a-box trick. Now, I've never done it although I have done a fair share of pranks on Christmas Day. Honestly, it was probably the amount of time and effort it would take to pull this off right that deterred me in the past. Well, it seems like nothing was going to stop this guy from making a unique memory. The funny thing is, his girlfriend is just as determined to find out what the actual gift is! ... Continue Reading

Culture, Morality & Children

Thai Child Boxers, Buffalo Girls, Screenshot

As I was eating lunch the other day, I decided to start to narrow down which movies I was going to see over the Holidays. My family always went to the movies on Thanksgiving and Christmas and with ABC's 25 Days of Christmas as a staple in my childhood, I tend to view this season as one for movies even more than the summertime. I watched a few trailers and then I came across a movie that had more awards than anything this Transformers fan has every seen. Sure, I like to pretend to be into film ... Continue Reading

Do Your Tools Define You or Does Your Work Speak for Itself?

My Broken MacBook Pro

I'm just going to say it: I like the things I don't have more than the things I do have.  Let me explain, even though you might know where I'm going with this. About a month ago, my 2008 MacBook Pro turned on for the last time. Was it an old machine? Yes. But it was also the answer I commonly gave to the question, "What is your most valuable and cherished possession?" Thus, it was a very sad day. ... Continue Reading

Showing Appreciation to Creatives [Discussion]


As I've served and lead in various capacities in the local church and para-church setting, I've come to realize something that we all probably know: creatives are simply different. In fact, I would argue that this is what makes them so gifted, passionate and valuable. I'm somewhat new to leading people that I would label with this term but I am always looking for ways to encourage, invest and appreciate those that I led, especially because all of them are in a volunteer capacity. As I ... Continue Reading

Freebie: Keynote Pre-Service Announcement Template


I've benefited from the generosity of so many creatives within the context of ministry. Whether it was downloading a series graphic from a church that gives away all their design elements or it was receiving help important files into Gimp by sending out a general request on Twitter. So, every once in awhile, I try to look through my files and find something that might be useful for someone else. Today, I am giving away a customizable Keynote template that we use for our regular announcements ... Continue Reading

5 Christmas Mini-Movies from Dan Stevers

Image 2012-11-19 at 11.55.22 AM

I once talked with Dan Stevers over lunch as his friends poked fun at the fact that he was wearing a shirt with the words "Dan Stevers" in bold. He took the joking well and casually stated it was one inconvenience of your brand being your name. Instantly, I liked him. But it wasn't until I saw some of his work that I became a fan. He helped me remember (through his work) the impact that mini-movies can have. So, whether you are finalizing all things Christmas at your church or just about to ... Continue Reading