April Fools 2013

Play-Doh 3D Printer

Today is one of the funnest, and sometimes stupidest, days on the Internet.

Everyone has their April’s Fools for the day.

Google, ThinkGeek and more, here’s a roundup of some of my favorites.

Share your favorite April Fools in the comments!

Google Nose BETA

Take a look.


Google Blue

Click the blue link.


Game FAQ’s EA Nintendo Takeover Poll

GameFAQs Poll

I almost believed this.


Canon’s Camera for Lefties

Canon EOS7D Lefty



Doctor Who

Doctor Who TARDIS

You’re going to love who was responsible for this scoop of news.


Play-Doh 3D Printer

Play-Doh 3D Printer

Another product you hoped was real, from ThinkGeek.


YouTube Is Ready to Select a Winner

They gathered a great group of YouTube cameos for this one.


Google Maps Treasure Map Edition

Google Treasure Hunting

Give it a try!


Google invests enough manpower in their April Fool’s jokes every year, they could keep Google Reader alive.


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