Apple Is Working Towards Improved Labor Conditions

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It’s been in the news for over a year now, but we’ve always suspected it. Labor conditions in China have never been as they should, as human rights violations run rampant in the country.

Why would Apple, Samsung and the others be any different?

This video from CNN capsulizes many of the stories that were bubbling around Apple’s Foxcom news that broke last year:

As Christians, I don’t think we can ignore this. Blindly being fanboi’s is not Christ-like and we need to raise our voices against such actions. I’m also not naive enough to think that Apple is the only one in the mix. I don’t think we can purchase a single technology product without being somewhat copable in this. Thankfully, raising our voices in the global technology world seems to be making headway.

ABC News reports:

Apple has stopped doing business with a Chinese manufacturer after a report said it had employed 74 underage workers. According to Apple’s Supplier Responsibility Report, which was released by the company Thursday, Guangdong Real Faith Pingzhou Electronics was employing workers under the age of 16.

Good for Apple! This is certainly a step in the right direction!

The story goes on to say that facility audits have increased by 72% and Apple is averaging a 92% compliance (not knowing what ‘compliance’ looks like, I hate to be too excited about this stat).

Is this a #WIN?

I don’t think it is, yet, but Apple is certainly making the right kind of moves. This is an issue that matters and I don’t think Christians can ignore it. Keep raising your voice and letting the world know that you care. The thought of Church media, web design and creative media being built on the backs of an abused Chinese work force makes me feel a little nauseous.

I’d love to hear what you think about this!

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