Top 5 Android Root Apps

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I love being rooted. Besides stroking my ego and making me sound way more intelligent and daring than I really am, it does make my Android device infinitely more functional and customizable.

One way to make a rooted Android device more functional is to make use of those special apps that require s-off status. Here is a list my five indispensable ones:

Titanium Backup

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This one is popular in Android world, and for folks who dabble into custom ROMs, it is invaluable. It schedules and backs up app and data, can help manage dalvik cache and works well with services like Dropbox and I can freeze apps, remove bloatware and force apps to SD card too.¬†If I don’t use an app frequently, I remove it using TB. If I need it again down the line (a utility or the occasional game I want to revisit), I just restore the app and data to my device. Beautiful. Free and Pro versions are available.



GooManager Thumb

This app was conceived as the wrapper for the Android root repository You can install or update ROMs, kernels and Gapps packages easily. Sure, a lot of the stuff can be done manually, and ROM Manager is a fantastic app that is probably beefier, but GooManager automates a lot of this stuff for free. Available in the Google Play store.


Root Explorer

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There are two type of rooted device users; those that use Root Explorer, and those that use it a lot. Seriously, there are options, but when it comes to going DEEP into your device file structure and/or editing permissions, this app is a must-have. Free and pro versions are available.


SD Maid

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All that installing and deleting can leave icky remnants in your device storage. SD Maid gets rid of the left-behind riff-raff. It also doubles as a file manager. Free and pro licenses are available.



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The purists will scream and yell for not using the last spot for the ultimate root gatekeeper, SuperSU, but since that app is a “duh” I went with Tasker. For folks addicted to automation, Tasker is your poison of choice. To explain: you want your device to, say, turn of wifi when you leave the house, pop on bluetooth and get music going when headphones or auxiliary cables are plugged in? How about setting up a safety screen that snaps a photo when someone tries to unsuccessfully unlock your phone a set number of times? Screen brightness upped when reading your e-Bible?¬†Tasker is almost reason enough to be rooted on its own. For sale in Play Store.

Are you rooted?

If so, What are your favorite root apps?


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