Android Gmail Updated to 4.2.1


As the number one web email application in the world, Gmail needs to continually ensure that its port for Google’s in-house mobile system is up-to-par, especially when Android OS is the number one mobile platform.

Google updated its veritable email app for Android to version 4.2.1 for non-Nexus devices, adding pinch-to-zoom, swiping from the in-box, cleaner way of formatting email and better ways of viewing and dispensing media. You can send video from your phone, and photo attachments populate thumbnails in the email.

Alas, the changes are for Android devices with ICS and above.

I am a Gmail feen; with six or so Gmail-based accounts to manage, I need a mobile solution, and I came to rely on way before Android was a gleam in my mobile eye. These welcome changes make Anroid even more valuable to me. Sending video is cool, though I suspect Gmail’s size ceiling for attachments may apply.

I am still waiting for some productivity tweaks (in-app email-to-calendar, hello?), but I like the added functionality

Do you like the changes?


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    I’ve been using a custom build of Android 4.1.2 on my Kindle Fire (the original one, not the latest model), and I have to say that in general Jellybean is VERY nice. There have been a couple of nice changes in the latest versions of all the Google apps, making it really easy to read and manage my emails and things on my Kindle.

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