6 Free Android Bible Study Apps That You Can’t Miss


We all know that Android phones are great because of the variety they bring to the smartphone market. Well, that variety isn’t exclusive to the hardware itself, but also applies to the fast growing number of quality apps in the market.

Among those apps are some pretty cool Bible study apps. With such a great variety of tools available at your fingertips, you’ll enjoy having the Word with you where ever you go.

Check out these 6 that you definitely don’t want to miss:

1. Bible (YouVersion)

Description: With sixteen English versions, four Spanish versions, and a bunch in many other languages, this Bible provides the user with a great deal of variety. The English versions include all of the most popular ones: KJV, NKJV, ESV, NASB, NIV, TNIV, NLT, and even The Amplified, and The Message! This app also has a couple dozen reading plans with popular approaches like ‘Bible in 90 Days’, Chronological, Historical, and many more.

Why you might like this one: The YouVersion app has really set the standard for all other mobile Bible apps. You probably won’t find another free app with this many different translations of the Bible included for free. Having that many translations at your fingertips can really enhance discussion during a small group Bible study!


Download it here!

2. CadreBible

Description: CadreBible is more than just a Bible. It’s a pretty comprehensive Bible study app, complete with multiple translations (including Greek and Hebrew texts), dictionaries, commentaries, and other ancient writings. Many of the resources for your library can be downloaded for free (public domain), but some of the more current texts must be purchased. It also has a reading plan feature, and this one allows you to create your own reading plan (pictured below). While you are reading, you can even use the highlight and underline tools to mark important sections of text, just like you would in your paper Bible.

Why you might like this one: While not as flashy as some others and somewhat limited in the free texts, this app has some pretty cool features for serious, ongoing study. The extended library that’s downloaded to your phone (therefore not requiring a data connection during study) will provide some great depth in your studies. Go ahead… try dropping a reference to Josephus in your next small group. It’s sure to impress all your friends!


Download it here!

3. ColorDict

Description: You won’t find any actual Bibles in this one, but you will find some cool resources that can help you during your Bible study. ColorDict is a dictionary application that allows you to download and reference multiple dictionaries at the same time. There are a few Bible dictionaries that can be downloaded in addition to the many other non-Bible based reference texts available.

Why you might like this one: One of the key elements of a good Bible study is the word study. This app will allow you to search across many different dictionaries in order to get you the best possible background information on a word in whatever Scripture passage you’re studying.


Download it here!

4. CrossConnect

Description: This app features one version of the Bible, but it’s a good one… ESV. In addition to the basic ESV text, there are a few other cool features including the Listen, Sermons (formerly Bible Bites), and Share functions. ‘Listen’ downloads and plays an audio version (and not just text-to-speech) of whatever passage you select. The ‘Sermons’ tool gives you access to hundreds (or maybe even thousands) of sermons (posted online) for your desired passage. And ‘Share’ gives you easy access to tweet, FB, text, email, or blog a passage that you’re reading.

Why you might like this one: This may be more of a good devotional tool than it is a study tool, but these features make it a worthwhile resource… especially if you’re looking for inspiration. And you have to love the idea of having access to a complete (and quality) audio Bible that you can listen to for free from your phone.


Download it here!

5. Live Bible

Description: This app is a personal Bible reader that looks to broaden connectivity to Christian community. There are no big bells and whistles for the serious scholar, but it does contain several of the most popular translations out there. Essentially, it’s a browser based Bible, pulling from various resources on the web. The opening screen displays a “Daily Scripture” from either biblegateway.com or crossway.org. But one of the coolest features that sets this one apart from the rest is the RSS feed reader that’s built in.

Why you might like this one: The RSS reader in this one is what makes it worthwhile. It’s cool that it has lots of great translations, and it displays it in a way that is very easy to read (especially for a small screen). But it really kicks up personalization a couple of notches when you can add feeds that are important to you, and that you feel are good Bible study resources.


Download it here!

6. Touch Bible

Description: While limited in the number of versions of the Bible that it offers, the Touch Bible does have some pretty cool features. The featured version in this app is the NET (New English Translation). Among the notable features of this app are the day/night screen settings, and some of the online extras that include things like maps and other supporting texts.

Why you might like this one: The limited number of translations may be discouraging, but the study and translation notes that are embedded into the text with the NET version are really cool. With the touch of the screen you can get valuable background information about key words or ideas.


Download it here!

What’s your favorite Android bible study app? Is there anything else that you’d add to this list?


Dan King

Christ-follower. husband. father. school of ministry and missions instructor. social media editor for thehighcalling.org. blogger at bibledude.net. co-founder and media director for the activistfaith.org movement. social media coordinator for help one now.

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  1. says

    If you’re into “Bible Arcing”, check out the app I wrote called “Bible Arcer”. It’s still pretty early, but I’m working on a sync feature with http://biblearc.com

    I’d really appreciate any feedback or ideas you might have.

    • says

      Pretty cool. I’ve downloaded the app, but don’t understand enough about bible arcing yet to really understand how it works. I’ll have to check it out a little more… maybe write a review on it for churchdrop.com…

    • John says

      I have discovered a hidden gem in the android market. Its got to be the best bible study app around and its absolutely free. It has bibles with many translations, dictionaries, resources, books and more and I said it that its free. Check it out and share the word let everyone know its called AndBible. just type that in and enjoy it because it is free which it should be. GOD Bless

      • Shirley says

        I tried to use MySword but with no luck. I came across this comment and downloaded AndBible. I could not get over all of the free items plus it WORKS!!!! I love it.

      • Nathaniel Jensen says

        I have given the andbible a thorough look over, and it is on par with the You Version bible. Thank you for the share.

    • says

      Remember Me has received new features for memorizing Bible verses:
      Word puzzle, show only placeholders and/or initials, numerous Bible versions, web sync, group verses in sets, listen to verses…
      See for yourself on sites.google.com/site/rememberapp

      God bless,

    • jen says

      I love that app. It is the best verse memorizing app I have found and its free. Amazing job on it….I noticed with the new update that I don’t have the option to practice verse from the “new” screen. Where is that located now?

  2. Robert says

    I like the Tecarta Talking King James Bible. It has a great interface including full search, highlights, integrated notes, bookmarks, night mode and most uniquely, it talks! Oh, yeah…it’s also an offline bible so it won’t require any internet connection and….it’s free.

  3. esmy says

    I used MySword for Android mobile (cellphone and tablet )


    screenshots : http://www.mysword.info/index.php/about-mysword/screen-shots

    The following are the exciting features of MySword for Android:

    * Multiple offline Bibles, Commentaries and Dictionaries
    * Bible version verse comparison
    * Highlighting
    * Bookmarks
    * Type your personal notes and insights
    * Search (concordance) for Bible, Commentaries and Personal notes
    * Strongs number support linked to dictionary for easy access

    The following are the other features of MySword for Android:

    * The editor for Personal notes uses a simple wiki syntax for easy formating of your notes
    * Copying of current verse, all text and custom selection of text in all views (Bible, Commentary, Dictionary and Personal notes) including the Search results which is very useful for Personal notes editing
    * Resizeable text (custom text size for easy viewing)
    o Allow fine adjustment of text size
    * Page history navigation (back and forward)
    * Verse link in Commentaries and Dictionaries to the Bible view.
    o Links between documents, e.g. Commentary reference to Bible passage
    * Download of modules (Bibles, Commentaries, and Dictionaries)
    * Backup and restore of settings, highlights, bookmarks and Personal notes

    • John says

      AndBible plus MySword is all you will need thanks for the heads up about MySword so check out AndBible its free also

    • Gary says

      Hi. I currently use mysword on a 10 in tablet to preach from. The journal feature provides a great usable text editor in which to prepare and build sermons. You can create hyperlinks to you scripture texts, as well as to personal notes, dictionaries, lexicons, etc. EXTREMELY convenient to just touch the link while preaching and scroll through your material. There are so many useful features that it’s almost too much, and may be a little daunting to the casual reader. It is however, a powerfull study/teaching tool.

  4. lm says

    Download The Holy Bible KJV (King James Version) Free.
    It is in English, rated at:
    – The Old Testament
    – The New Testament
    – The Pentateuch
    – Historical Books
    – Poetic Books
    – Major Prophets
    – Minor Prophets
    – The Gospels
    – Add verses to favorites
    – Create notes to verses
    – Search for words, phrases, complete or partial

    More information on:




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