Social Media Explained: A Collection

social media explained - dog pee

You may have seen multiple versions of this floating around the Interwebs. This is social media explained with hot dogs: Twitter: I am eating a #hotdog Facebook: I like hotdogs Foursquare: Here is where I eat hotdogs Hipstamatic: Here’s a vintage pic of my hotdog YouTube: Here, I am eating a hotdog! Linkedin: My skills include eating hotdogs Spotify: Listening to Hotdog Google+: I work at Google and eat hotdogs Below, are three more creative social media explanations: ... Continue Reading

Could the Church Use this “Matrix Style” Learning?


Boston University proves why it has the most awesome researches around (and yes, researchers should be evaluated on awesomeness!). Using MRI technology, they have found a way to imprint information onto the human brain - Matrix style. While it may seem too "Sci-Fy" to be true, the BU researches were able to turn fantasy into actuality ... Continue Reading

Easy-To-Use Dashboard Cheat Sheets for Mac Apps


Keyboard shortcuts are the most efficient and fastest way to use your computer. The only problem is, most of us only know a fraction of shortcuts available. This handy Mac Dashboard cheat sheet is sure to help improve your keyboard shortcut knowledge! Plus, if you're migrating from PC to Mac, you're going to want to install this without a doubt. A portion of those keyboard shortcuts you would use on your PC are going to be different, so this little app should help you look them up quickly ... Continue Reading

Easily Configure Layout Grids with Browser Overlay

grid overlay

Building and designing your site on a grid is the way to go, but using pre-built grid systems can sometimes be overkill. Why run your site through all that CSS when you don't have to? I think you'll like this nice little tool to configure your next layout grid, by configuring just the grid you need. ... Continue Reading