The Complete Guide to the WordPress Settings API


8BIT's Master Yoda Coda Coder Tom McFarlin has dropped a second post over at wptuts+ in a series of posts focusing on the WordPress Settings API. If you've ever wanted to dig into the WordPress Settings API, this is the place to start. When you first start looking at Tom's tutorial, it's a tad overwhelming. When you spend most of your time tinkering with themes and functions, it's like looking at something completely different. Don't worry. This is still considered "beginner level," so ... Continue Reading

Genealogy Family Bible Project

Family Bible

Many families maintain a tradition of handing down a family Bible through the generations and mine is no different. Although the Bible is still with my mom, I look forward to receiving the treasured book one day and getting to add yet another generation of names, dates and history to the genealogy at the back. I especially anticipate passing the Bible along to my own kids when the time comes and giving them a piece of history they can pass on to future generations. One of the most interesting ... Continue Reading

The Hidden Danger of Using Technology


I'm both a pastor and a public school teacher, and while prayer is definitely needed in both occupations, there isn't a lot of cross over in what I do from one position to the other. However, occasionally, I'll pick up a little tiny piece of wisdom in one field that just might help me in the other. Last week, while teaching my largest, most difficult class, I realized that part of their problem in learning the material was my fault. What had I done? I had used PowerPoint. PowerPoint, ... Continue Reading

What Is Leap Year? [Video]

leap year icon

Some of us love useless facts. Serving in a youth ministry, I feel that part of my job is to know as many as possible. Here is a video with tons of fun facts about Leap Year! Did you know that people born on today are called Leaplings? Also, there are more rules to leap year than adding a day every four years. Amaze your friends with some more "useless facts" about Leap Year: ... Continue Reading

Leap Year Day!

leap fwd

Today is Leap day, the additional day to make up for the quarter of a day out of the 365.25 days of a year that we lose. HOPE International has started a new program to use this Leap year for good. They call it Leap Forward. The idea is that instead of wasting this time, the energy that you could use for good things, to instead make it for great things. The money that you could have made today can be used to help someone in a 3rd world country start a business to feed their family, get ... Continue Reading

Blogging 101: Develop A Routine


This is the seventh article in the series Blogging 101 series. One of the toughest parts about blogging is the idea of creating a routine that is consistent, productive, and creative. You cannot predict when you will have the inspiration to write five great articles, nor can you expect to consistently update a blog on a whim. So the question is, where is the happy medium? ... Continue Reading

Wii Fit or Wii Fat?

nintendo wii fit fat

One of the biggest draws for the Nintendo's Wii was health. Getting people off the sofa and into action. A new weapon against the ever increasing number of obese kids and adults. But does it actually work? Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, has conducted a recent survey that answers that question. ... Continue Reading