Star Wars Stormtrooper Getting Ready for Work


When I saw this retro, Norman Rockwell styled picture I just had to share it with you all. Once again, I succumb to mashing-up the old and new? Considering how long Star Wars has been around, I guess it's hardly new anymore. None-the-less, please enjoy: ... Continue Reading

Why Facebook Users Add And Remove Friends [Infographic]


Friends come and go, even in social media. It is not so much which world has the most friends or if we are good enough friends with people to keep them. In social media, it is all about networking and for some, that means we keep our list of friends as small as possible and others, it means having as many friends as possible. Below is an infographic on how people add and remove friends on Facebook. It is interesting to note that the top two reasons to add friends is that you really do know ... Continue Reading

How Will Tablet-Based Textbooks Affect Education?

apple textbook

Rumor has it that Apple is planning to hold a media event in New York later this month. While the meeting itself has not officially been confirmed, many are speculating on what will be announced/discussed. One theme that is continually being floated around by Cult of Mac and others it that this will be a publishing/book-focused event wherein Apple revolutionizes education or publishing at large or both. As a teacher, I would love to see digital, app-esque textbooks take the education world by ... Continue Reading

Tecmo Bowl Reenactment of Tebow TD Pass


It's safe to say that Tim Tebow has captured the attention of hard core and casual football fans alike. An average of nearly 42 million people watched the game between the Denver Broncos and the Pittsburgh Steelers the highest rating for an AFC wild card game in 24 years. Tebow's winning touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas 11 seconds into overtime provided a thrilling finish to a very exciting game. But it gets better. ... Continue Reading