Get A Job From Social Media [Infographic]


The social media networks have made a huge impact in the business world. For the longest time, it has been a place to market yourself or your products. But now, not only are employers using social media to market, they are using it for background checks and to nab social media enthusiasts. It is not enough for people to print off a resume and go to an interview. Image is everything and so the person you portray is the same person they may be very worried about. ... Continue Reading

Creative Food Expiration Technology

Pork Chops

Have you ever had a hard time finding the expiration date on the carton of  milk or package of meat? Are they trying to hide it or what!?! In Japan, they have come up with a very easy to read expiration label for meat and a seriously visual representation regarding the state of your milk. Take a look: ... Continue Reading

An 8-Bit Fireplace


Download Fireplace for either Windows or Mac and you'll be ready to gather around the ol' computer screen and enjoy your very own 8-bit fireplace. While the fire burns you can interact with Fireplace by typing in command words, while the log eventually burns to ashes after about 30 minutes. ... Continue Reading