Easy Site-Wide Markup Validation


Validating an entire website could take a few hours by using the offical W3C validator, since you can only submit one URL at a time. Now with W3Clove, you can validate your entire site at once (limited to 100 URLs per website)! ... Continue Reading

The Bible: Lost in Translation

The Scriptures

The Huffington Post recently published an article, Five Mistakes in Your Bible Translation. Was it heresy? An attack on the Christian faith? Neither. In actuality, it is a great reminder of the evolution of language and the importance of meaning. Here were the five mistakes: ... Continue Reading

Catching Twitter Spammers


I am one of those Twitter users that loves to follow those who follow me, so every weekend, I go through my list of followers and click the new Twitter follow button. So it was to my surprise that I saw this list of people who had recently started following me. Can you spot the spammers? Note: It's not that hard. :) ... Continue Reading