A Great Screen Casting Tool That Comes FREE With Every Mac

QuickTime Player

From time to time there comes the need to record what's on your screen. Whether it be for a tutorial or to demonstrate the features of a website, we'll all probably need a screen casting program at some stage. Thankfully, if you own a Mac, you don't need to fork out the money to pay for a dedicated screen casting application. Your Mac already has the application that you need. And it's got more features than you would probably expect. ... Continue Reading

Environment vs. Service – Twitter 4.0


Twitter has released their latest iPhone app version 4.0. This was a complete redesign and re-imagination of what Twitter is. As with any redesign feathers were ruffled, specifically those of nerds/power-users/geeks/tech bloggers the world round. I include myself in that category, so I understand the outrage. Really though, it’s a lost cause, and it’s misguided. Before I go any further, let’s take a look at what Twitter changed. ... Continue Reading

Movable Ink for Emails

Movable Ink | Breathe life into your emails.-1

Around here, we are big fans of services like Mailchimp for monthly newsletters and great email templates. Movable Ink is a similar service but with a twist. They have some real time apps to embed in your emails which can be used for sales, fundraisers, etc. Countdown timers, live tweets and local maps are some of the apps you can put into your emails. Here are some examples of case studies: ... Continue Reading