Goodnight iPad by Ann Droyd


Goodnight Moon is an all-time classic, children's bedtime book. I practically have it memorized as all of my kids have loved it dearly. I've read it many, many times. Penguin Books has recently released a parody of Goodnight Moon, it's portrayed as a parody, but packed with truth. ... Continue Reading

Introducing Amazon S3 Multi-Object Delete


Amazon S3 has added a nice new feature that eliminates one reason that has really kept me away from using it more. Up to now, I had only used my Amazon S3 account for large, manual server backups, however, with this latest feature, I can use my Amazon S3 space much like a DropBox -- in my browser! Amazon S3 now has Multi-Object Delete. Before, if you wanted to delete multiple folders or multiple files in one folder, you could not delete multiple files at once. Lame, right? Well, ... Continue Reading

Let’s Stop Using the Term: “Megachurch”

Big church

What comes to mind when you think of the word "megachurch?" For many people, they think of the label that their own place of worship has. For them, it's a term that simply describes the place where they experience God, and also have many of their closest relationships. For others, it creates thoughts of impersonal relationships, slick-haired, smiling preachers who only want your money. Whatever thoughts that word evokes for you, I propose a change. ... Continue Reading