14 Funny Vintage Tech Ads


If you've seen retro computer ads in the past, it's amazing to see what has happened to computer prices. These ads, however, have more to do about the image and marketing of computing. Funny stuff :D ... Continue Reading

Christians Making Movies – Up The Ante


I love movies. I've rated nearly 800 movies over at Flickchart.com and I can watch my favorite movies over and over again. Right now, my top 5 films on Flickchart are: 1. The Godfather 2. The Shawshank Redemption 3. Inception 4. Back To The Future 5. The Godfather II As a Christian, I think films are a terrific medium in which to tell people about God & Jesus. There's only one problem. Christians have been doing that and for the most part, doing it poorly. ... Continue Reading

QuickVerse – Making the Bible Viral

Matthew 5v43-44 QR code

It’s often in the normal, mundane moments of life when God hits you with an idea, a vision; a mission. A long summer’s day has passed without event and the hours are sliding by stumble after stumble after stumble! Then, an article catches my eye “Make your own QR codes for free”. I like technology and I like free, but they don’t go together all that often. So I thought I’d give it a go. An empty white space is in front of me, a canvas for some QR brilliance. I can write anything I want; I ... Continue Reading

Make Your Own Customized WordPress Page Templates


WordPress is a powerful platform to use, making it the most utilized blogging platform. One of the aspects that make it such a popular and customizable program is the custom page template. Page templates are custom files that will be put in your theme directory. When finished, you will be able to create a new page for your WordPress site and set the layout to your customized template. This can turn any ordinary page on your website from a simple page of content into a dynamic webpage. We will ... Continue Reading