If Super Mario Bros. Had Been Designed in 2011


Whether you're building a game or an app, the principles are the same. Somewhere between Super Mario Bros. and Facebook, some developers have lost their way. The fun was lost. Here's what SMB would have been like, if it had been designed, today. Check it out: ... Continue Reading

34 Typographic Sins


I’m so guilty. I read the list of Typographic Sins and found I had committed a lot of them. Take a look at these “sins” and tell me, are you as lowly of a typographic sinner as me? ... Continue Reading

5 Principles to Increase Your Capacity to Learn


The old adage, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” has always bugged me. I love to learn new things! Will I wake-up one day and have no desire to learn? Will my brain be too full!?! After reading an excellent, in depth piece on increasing your own capacity to learn, I now understand why some may feel like old dogs can’t learn new tricks. Here are the 5 principles to increase your capacity to learn (aka: How not to become like an old dog): ... Continue Reading

How Should the Church Use Mobile Tech with Social Initiatives?

Courtesy of Alton via Wiki Creative Commons

Watch what you tweet... The Game is going may be charged. Again. The popular West Coast rhyme-smith isn't in trouble for any myriad of stereotypical offenses we have almost come to expect from our generation of Musically Gifted. Not for assault, not for weapons, not for relieving himself in public. He is in trouble for tweeting. In all fairness, he didn't tweet about the weather, or what 5-star restaurant he was having cracked crab at. Authorities allege that he incited a "telephone ... Continue Reading

The Church and Social Media

facebook, the church and social media,

Over the past few years, I have seen an explosion in social media being utilized by the Church. While some see this as very useful (and it can be), I tend to lean toward it possibly being a distraction. Let me explain what I mean... ... Continue Reading

Church IT: Use a Password Manager


There are a number of reasons why most Churches and organizations don’t regularly update passwords or use stronger passwords in the first place. It’s already difficult to keep your personal passwords in check, let alone passwords that are used by multiple users. Create a system and use a password manager! They can be very handy for personal use, but they are absolutely invaluable for Churches and organizations. Here are three password managers for you to consider: ... Continue Reading