Retro Christian Y2K Bug Commercial


Remember the Y2K bug? Good times. I remember the world being on the edge of their seats as "computers around the world" rolled over from 1999 to 2000. The rest (or the lack thereof) is history. Of course, there were plenty of people willing to make a few extra bucks of the scare: ... Continue Reading

Top 10 Video Games of 2011

Dead Spac 2

There are a lot of "Best of 2011" games lists out there, many leaning towards console or PC, depending on where it was coming from. If found the list from Wired to have nice overlap with many other sources, and seemed fairly unbiased. However, I'm surprised COD didn't make the list, considering the sales record it set this year. Here's the top ten: ... Continue Reading

The Worst Star Wars Costumes of 2011

star wars

I don't know if these are actually the worst Star Wars costumes of 2011 or not, but I do know it is the time of year that just about every blog post on the Internet should have the year in the title. Tomorrow is New Years Eve after all, so I'm obliged. I now present to you, possibly the worst Star Wars costumes of 2011 (or maybe even all time): ... Continue Reading

ChurchMag in 2012


I'm really excited about this upcoming year. The last part of 2011 was spent getting everything settled and in place after converging The 8BIT Network into one web property. Even re-focusing our vision and purpose has taken some time to adjust. With a whole year ahead of us, we hope to further imprint this vision and purpose with each and every post. Does that mean you won't see Star Wars, LOTR and Marvel comics? I never said we would stop having fun. ;-) Here are the three ... Continue Reading

ChurchMag’s Top Posts of 2011


Since ChurchMag's re-birth in May of 2011, there has been a lot of settling. We've been trying to find our groove and rhythm, as ChurchMag merges many different technology fields and interests as they intersect with the Church. Here's a snapshot, a quick look at the top 10 posts from 2011: ... Continue Reading

Best Mobile Apps of 2011


2012 should be interesting to see how the battle continues to play-out between Android and iOS, and whether or not WP7 can even get into the game at all. After see these top five apps for these three platforms, you can certainly see WP7 has a very long way to go. Here are the best mobile apps for the Android, iOS and WP7 according to Mashable: ... Continue Reading

2011 LEGO Year in Review


The door of 2011 is almost shut as 2012 is just days away. Here is a look back on 2011, as major events from the year are re-created and portrayed with LEGOS. First up, the passing of Steve Jobs: ... Continue Reading

iPhone Keyboard Dock


This is pretty cool. Not only does this dock and charge your iPhone, but it enables you to use your iPhone in conjunction with the keyboard and the touch service of your iPhone with the keyboard. ... Continue Reading