Zetify Launches, Fellowship with Christians

Zetify.com, a new social networking-like service, recently crossed my desk and appears to have a plethora of different services, features, and functionalities. I think the most standout thing immediately was the apparent "mix" of target audiences for both the obviously-Christian and then the Christian-Curious (which is an interesting tag). With a prayer board, groups, a blog, and even a heatmap (below) of churches and information, it seems to be more than just another Christian social ... Continue Reading

Using Technology To Keep The Faith

This is a Guest Post by Tom McFarlin. Between all the technology and online services that we've created each of which demands our attention on some level, sometimes I wonder what we've really done to ourselves. There is a constant temptation to feel like we need to stay udpated with all this stuff online. It's amazing we get anything done. Yeah, I know. There's already a lot of critics out there about this kind of stuff. I'm not one of them. Sure, I think you can go overboard with certain ... Continue Reading

Blogging and 10,000 Hours

The title to this post seems ridiculous to me because it seems to me that it's so obvious. But I'll admit, I haven't always had this attitude nor this perspective. As a member of the so-called Generation Y, I have a problem with pressures and entrapments of entitlement and being "successful" without actually having to do anything. It's a disease I tell you (and it's well-documented that Gen-Yers have some serious issues with "paying their dues")! But we have to work hard at it. We have to earn ... Continue Reading

If We Are Moving Too Fast it is Your Fault

I'd like to take a second to clear up a common issue that needs some serious correction: It's not their fault if we are moving too fast! We, as the lucky few who have the time, interest, and passion for web technology need to slow down or at least learn to communicate more effectively and clearer. In other words, it's our fault if they're not getting it. I'm at a place now where I'd rather slow down than lose the people that need to know. Running at the pace of the world will never get the ... Continue Reading

Sunday Special QA No. 31

It’s that time again…! Sunday’s a good day to take it easy. I’ve decided that on Sundays I’m not going to do any blogging except for a very simple post series called “The Sunday Special” where you get to ask me anything. You can ask about me about web technology, Wordpress, blogging, what I ate for breakfast… whatever. I can’t promise that I’ll answer all of your questions, but feel free to answer each other’s questions as well. I’ll try to answer all the questions throughout the coming ... Continue Reading

Social Networking Sidebar Tabs

Want some some cool, slick, and easily installable social networking sidebar tabs? Sure, of course you do. I wrote the tutorial here on how to get them. Go do it and stop banking on 3rd party services to give you the coolness. :) ... Continue Reading

Finding the Right Volunteers for Online Ministry

Finding the right volunteers for your developing online ministry can be as challenging as building your online campus (if not harder). There can be huge gaps of trust, control, expectations, and simply general understanding of what exactly you want them to. Now, I can't tell you exactly how you need to vet your volunteer because every ministry is different in terms of "qualifications" but what I can tell you is that one of the most successful ingredients that I've seen in the marketplace when ... Continue Reading

Do You Honestly Love Writing?

I've been talking to a number of bloggers trying to understand their core interest in blogging and what motivates them to continue to do so. I've discovered that many bloggers don't really enjoy writing but they do it for a various assortment of other reasons. This begs the question: Do you have to love writing to be successful at blogging? For myself, I honestly can say that I really enjoy writing. I enjoy the process, the challenge, the mental gymnastics required to maintain a robust ... Continue Reading

Exciting and Big Things are Coming Soon…

There are a number of things happening behind the scenes here at ChurchCrunch and we're getting close to letting the world know. I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself. Stay tuned for some big news and some great opportunities for you. Yes, you. [Image from Lawrence] ... Continue Reading

Translate Your WordPress Content with Google Ajax

This nifty little Wordpress plugin can easily translate any of your content into a number of other languages with the click of a button: Google AJAX Translation. On a few local tests the system performed really well. Of course, I'm not really able to confirm the accuracy of the translations, but knowing Google's continuing improvement of their translation technology I'm confident that it's better than nothing at this point. As the Church becomes more global we're going to need to continually ... Continue Reading