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Who says you can’t read multitudes of articles and books at the same time? Get out of the traditional mindset as we introduce to you the tools that will make reading more convenient and fun.

While bookmarks have been a very useful tool for readers who wanted to keep track on what they are reading and to which part they are of what they are reading, technology had been slowly eating up and trashing out the usage of these phenomenal devices. Of course, you can no longer use the colorful card, leatherette, or fabric in your computers, laptops, iPads or smartphones.

Since reading had been one of the most important skills for survival, developers had designed a tool to be able to help readers keep track of what they are reading and to easily access the sites they recently used. These tools are the Internet Bookmarking Tools or what we call “Read Later Tools”.

They enable readers to easily navigate the accounts that they have read or directly browse to the link which they want to continue reading. Here is a list of top 10 read later tools.

1. Save online articles and read later with Pocket even when offline


If you want to have a reading list and wants to effectively and easily manage them, then Pocket application for Reading Later would be of great help for you! Formerly known as Read it Later, this application groups the articles that you have read into categories and sorts them out into a list. This does not only save articles, but so as videos, music, downloads and others! With this tool, even without the Internet, the user can still access the account, continue reading and even watch videos. In addition, once you are done reading, you can also share the bookmarked pages on your preferred bookmarking services to your friends!

2. Evernote – Remember anything and access from anywhere


If you want to remember everything that you cross during browsing, this application is really a big help to you. With the influx of information these days, having to retain all the necessary information would be a real burden to you. However, with the use of Evernote, you can always take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, and record voice reminders. This application also allows you to research whatever you have saved. This is absolutely an “Everything Box” and what makes this better compared to applications with similar features is that this is totally FREE.

3. Save long and interesting web pages with Instapaper


If you want to read web pages for offline purposes then Instapaper is exactly what you need! Greatly recommended by blogs, newspapers and magazines, this application allows you to read the articles you found over the web. This strips off images, allowing lay-outs that suits best for reading. In addition, even in offline mode, you can adjust settings like font style, font size, line spacing and margins. Moreover, you can also download up to 500 articles on your phone or tablet.

4. Collect and organize online articles effortlessly with Diigo


Why content yourself with books and articles when you can actually have a library? Diigo is a multipurpose library that makes you collect, find, share and access in a split second anywhere that you like. You can browse the interesting pages that you want using the “Read Later” on the Diigo toolbar. This service is not only limited to readable materials but so as with images and screenshots. With Diigo, you can also export what you have in your library and share it with your friends, selected blogs and pages.

5. Blinklist – Research, discover and share articles


If you are looking for a tool that makes your reading, saving and sharing life easier, there is no other application that would answer everything you need except for Blinklist. Blinklist provides you with a wide array of navigation system that automatically saves web pages on your computer which will serve as your local copy in case the web pages disappear. In addition, as you continue saving web pages, Blinklist also recommends pages that might interest you. With its lightning fast search engine, Blinklist allows you to access pages in less than a second.

6. Snip articles instantly with Snip.it


If you want to always share interesting things to your follower on Twitter, Snip.it can aid you with that matter! With this application you can easily connect with fellow Snippers and talk about the topics to which you share the same interest with. Aside from sharing with virtual friends, Snip.it allows you to get the best on the web you are browsing; this allows you to really “snip” videos, images and articles. You can share these “snips” to the rest of the world and instantly trend it!

7. Kippt – Build your online library in one place


Want to make searching and archiving effortless? Try Kippt. This application allows you to search your bookmarks on Chrome and organize them into lists, save, highlight and share interesting pages, and follow and get updates with what others find interesting. Kippt does not also confine you with its application since you can import your bookmarks to Diigo, SpringPad and other browsing services.

8. SpringPad – Remember for later and use when ready


If you want to get the specifics of whatever that you wanted to know, SpringPad gives you more than what you ask for. SpringPad permits you to save the things you find interesting, organize them into your own specifications and share it to the rest of human kind. Aside from having the freedom to save what you like, SpringPad a deeper and wider coverage of what you might want to know. They give you the maps and reviews of the restaurant you wanted to go. They provide you with the ingredients you need and the best beverage that would match to the recipe you wanted to try. Thus, SpringPad supply you a wide range of items to choose from, giving only the best of what they can offer.

9. LaterLoop – Save articles in a single click and read anytime


Want to make the best of your free time? Read the articles on the web pages that really caught your interest in your phone! With LaterLoop, you can read and manage bookmarked links on your phone. This allows you to access these links without having to connect to the internet. Through this, you can read these articles in your most comfortable venue and at your most convenient time.

10. Manage links painlessly with LaterThis


If you find downloading and installing a hassle, start using LaterThis and instantly say goodbye to those requirements! LaterThis allows you to save and manage links in an orderly manner without downloading and installing it on your phone or computers; as long as you have internet connection, tracking the links that you have bookmarked becomes easier and faster. Moreover, to highlight the sites that you like, you can add stars to them on your archives and they automatically become favorites of yours. You can add tags to these links which will make your searching in the future easier.

Read later tools are necessary applications that make your reading lifestyle better. They give you the comforts and satisfactions the world can offer without practically draining your brain with memorizing websites and remembering important links. For digital natives, this apparatus gears them to continue reading and to not let navigation a hindrance in gaining all the knowledge and information the world could offer.

Do you use any read later tools?

What’s your favorite?

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