The 10 Digital Commandments

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I came across an old blog post by David Murray on the 10 Digital Commandments. They were the ten most important takeaways from the book Digital Leader by Erik Qualman.

David provides full quotes and page numbers to each of these in his blog post, but for the most part they’re pretty self explanatory:

1. Thou shalt repeat every day: “Nothing is confidential.”

2. Thou shalt not multitask

3. Thou shalt be optimistic

4. Thou shalt distinguish between reputation and integrity

5. Thou shalt simplify your life

6. Thou shalt say “NO”

7. Thou shalt be personal

8. Thou shalt have a technology Sabbath

9. Thou shalt have a digital mentor

10. Thou shalt share information

Good stuff, here. I find it interesting that although technology is changing so fast and that this blog post is over a year old, all of these are very relevant, today.

Of these ten, I regularly struggle with at least of them if not more.

How about you?

Read more about each of these 10 Digital Commandmets on David Murray’s blog.

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